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80 20 Rule For Dating

80 20 rule for dating

As I was doing some research for this theory I was surprised to find daating lot of backlash against it in recent times. I remember reading about this for the first time half a 80 20 rule for dating ago and it was much more accepted back then. Basically the theory states that the majority of women are attracted to, date, and datinng with a small percentage of the male population. This small percentage of guys is made up of good guys, rich guys, powerful guys, and grouper dating philadelphia guys. I still believe this but not all bad guys get laid.

Sex and The Pareto Principle * Hooking Up Smart : Hooking Up Smart

In the prior thread the conversation centered on the mistaken idea that the Pareto Principle is not universal or is only observed in some systems, but not in human sexuality.

The second mistake it to presume the inverse: Usually this gets trotted out as an equal-for-equal argument that presumes, again, that desire should necessarily translate into consolidation. A third common mistake, made mostly by women, presumes the goal-state outcome of intersexual dynamics should be to arrive at a monogamous state. Thus, the Pareto principle applies. High value Red Pill aware men have the leisure to exploit Hypergamy and low value Red Pill men aware of their Hypergamous role risk denying women of the resources to provision them in the long term.

I have to have my shit together better than the vast majority of men. This of course gets distorted once men begin to become Red Pill aware and over-exaggerate the abstract concept of Alpha and how it applies to themselves. I could point out that the Regulated model above is very representative of an egalitarian model for monogamy based again on the like-for-like presumption, but Hypergamy being what it naturally is will always confound that ideal.

However, I have to also point out that the Regulated ideal has always been a convenient selling tool to keep both men and women ignorant of the uglier, visceral nature of the Hypergamous sexual marketplace.

I tapped Hannah Green , a Bay Area psychotherapist specializing in individual and couples therapy, to find out more. Here are eight reasons why you should put it into practice. Even if you do believe in the idea of a soulmate, not even your physical, mental, and spiritual ideal can possibly stand up to the stringent list of demands we all tally in our heads while dating. Case in point: We dig for fault, the way pigs burrow for truffles.

We, like the pigs, are trained to do it. Relaxing into a mostly-good relationship is calmer and more realistic than searching endlessly for the Holy Grail of connection—and leaves you feeling better about yourself as a result. Basically if you are a woman on an online dating site you are going to be receiving e-mails constantly from men.

On the flip side, the majority of men on dating sites receive very few. Now as I said before, those are only rough numbers. The point is that in a perfect world the numbers would be balanced.

There would be an equal, or roughly equal number of available men as there is available women. A small number of men are having sex with many women. These women are in turn sleeping with multiple men but out of a smaller group of men. This may seem balanced but you have to factor in other things that I have discussed. First off the majority of women are being sought-after by the majority of men in general, regardless of what percentage they are in. The majority of men are not being sought-after by the majority of women.

If they were things would be balanced. Instead, only a smaller number of men are being sought-after. Sad but true.

Now as I have said this is only a theory.

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