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Bad Religion - Supersonic In 1, he clearly tries to be a cool old guy, but he increasingly becomes Grumpy Old Man everytime Ash shows his lack of knowledge about various mostly silly things in the video's universe. Many contents in the videos don't match several things from Pokemon game. Dude Looks Like a Lady: Jigglypuff in 4 is explicitly addressed as male by the Old Man.

Finger Poke of Doom: Done hilariously with Charizard's "Scratch" in 5 which caused Chespin to wail like a baby before fainted. Hipster gave this twice to Ash in 3 and Pikachu gave this once to Ash in 4. In 5, when he's about to win, Hipster ordered his Chespin to use "Tickle" instead of another stronger attack. Not to mention in the Pokemon game, "Tickle" isn't actually a damaging attack. In 2, Ash repeatedly calls Mankey as Monkey, prompting to Pokedex corrects him in every single chance. Hipster's Magikarp and Metapod in 1 and 3, respectively.

Hipster's Chespin in 5. He still loses the battle against Ash's Charizard, though. Ash and Pikachu in 4 when they are put to sleep in suggestive position by Jigglypuff. The Old Man is never seen without his top hat. Not What It Looks Like: Ash's reaction when he sleep with Pikachu in suggestive position in 4. In 3, Metapod literally has no attack technique and only has one technique: What Magikarp became in 1 after he fainted.

In 1, Magikarp's life is already critical yet it doesn't stop Pikachu to finish him off with Thundershock, resulting Magikarp turned into Sweeping Ashes. Old Man in 3. He advised Ash to fight Hispter to get Pokeflute. Domain Dating Site The fight is so frustrating for Ash since Hipster uses Metapod that is nothing but a Stone Wallwasting so much of his time with the battle. After winning the battle by scaring Hipster by threatening him to attack with Charizard, it turns out Hipster doesn't have the flute at all and gave Ash an Okarina instead.

Then he told Ash Pokeflute can only be bought from the Old Man. Ash then angrily asks he want to buy Pokeflute from Old Man, who said Ash has to battle him first, with his six Metapods. Ash in 5 when he discovered that none of his three Pokemon Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff can't learn "Cut" technique from HM-Cut to cut the bushes that preventing him to take an item, so he angrily cut the bushes himself and take the item, only to find another HM-Cut.

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