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amusement park dating sim

Golden Ticket: This game wmusement not work on amusement park dating sim operating system. Are you sure you want to download this game? Customer Reviews Golden Ticket: An Amusement Park Sim Game is rated 2. This one had me hooked. I like the diffent goals and types of items you can place in your park.

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Are you sure you want to download this game? Customer Reviews Golden Ticket: An Amusement Park Sim Game is rated 2. This one had me hooked. I like the diffent goals and types of items you can place in your park.

Date published: Big Fish has got to stop doing this to me, I'm becoming addicted to these Sim games and this one's no exception. It took me forever to get hooked on My Singing Monsters but this one grabbed me hook line and sinker from the get go.

You are restoring your Grandfathers Amusement Park and you start out with a handful of run down tents. First you restore the existing buildings then you post a listing for available jobs. You can build rides or shops, hot dog stands, balloon carts, all kinds of things to build. You buy different items to sell in the shops either souvenirs such as keychains or food items such as hot dogs and brats. Each items costs are different as well as the times before an item is available and you can either wait or spend a golden ticket to speed up the times.

And of course the golden tickets are the elusive and key item here, they are hard to obtain and as you progress, almost all items require golden tickets! You get to decorate with shrubs and pathways and various decor and as you run out of space, other plots are available to purchase so expansion is not a problem.

Your progress can be saved via your e-mail address if desired. I for one loved this theme, who doesn't want to own an amusement park? Sit back, eat a few hot dogs and enjoy the show! Build rides, attractions, shops, food stands, balloon carts, etc I have a feeling that this one will be added to my daily routine.

The following tips and tricks include: Choosing the right day, buying your tickets, and researching all that the park has to offer are all things that must be done before you even arrive.

Here are 10 things you can do, before going to the park, to make sure you are totally prepared for a day at the park. Learn About the Park — Learn all that you can about the park before visiting. Thanks to the internet, you have reviews, tips, and standard information right at your fingertips. You can even do this together as a family and build the anticipation. Research Busy Seasons — If you are flexible in choosing your date to visit the park, take the time to do a little research to know the busiest seasons for that particular park and avoid going at those times.

Trust me — it will make for a much better experience. Learn the Policies — Does the park allow you to bring food? Can you carry a small backpack on rides? Is there a cost for parking? Know the Park Hours — Make the most of your time at the park by knowing the opening and closing hours. Each day might be different, so never assume. Check the Weather — A rainy day can ruin a day at the park.

Even if you are not able to adjust the day of your excursion, at least being aware of the weather can help you pack accordingly and may even save the day! Buy Online — Purchasing your tickets online in advance can not only save you time at the gate, but save you money as well! Search around a see what you can find. We are big, BIG fans of Getaway Today around here — they really do have great deals, especially if you are on your way to Southern California. Another favorite source that I use for all things discount is retailmenot.

They have up-to-date coupon codes not only for stores, but amusement parks as well! Reservations — If the park you are visiting has any type of reservations for shows or restaurants, do it! Never assume you can just take care of it when you get there or you may be very disappointed! There Is an App for That — There seems to be an app for everything now days, and it is likely your park will have one too!

Many theme parks have apps that include up-to-date park information and even current wait times. Pack Your Park Bag in Advance — When trying to get to the park at opening hours, the last thing you need to be worrying about is forgetting something. Use our printable checklist to make sure you have everything you need for a smooth day at the park and pack it at least the night before. Giving each family member a voice and a choice before the park will help you organize your day, and avoid arguments at the park.

From essential items to convenient ideas, we have 10 tips for what to put in your park bag. Simplify — Bring only the absolute essentials into the park. Your shoulders and back will thank you! Leave Your Valuables — Unfortunately, theft happens, and in a crowded theme park it can be hard to protect your valuables.

Let yourself enjoy the day without worrying about something getting lost or stolen by leaving it all at home! Cell Phone Protection — Bring a ziplock bag to store your phone in during the water rides. Personal Care Items — Entering and exiting a major theme park is not easy, so make sure to pack any personal items you might need. Think about medications, sunscreen, lip balm, and antibacterial hand gel.

Good Shoes — A day at the park usually involves a lot of walking. Make sure that you have comfortable shoes for walking. Flip flops are rarely a good choice if there are rides in which your feet dangle.

Water Bottle — Hydration is important for an enjoyable day at the park. I recommend bringing along a refillable water bottle. RTIC and Yeti are great brands that we know, love, and use around here if keeping your water cold is important to you.

You can also try something like a Camelbak — I have found I drink a lot more when I have one of those. You will likely be able to refill it at a fountain or a food court for free! Protection from the Sun — Even on an overcast day you can get a sunburn. Make sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Layered Clothing — Any day at the park is full of surprises. From weather to water rides, temperatures can vary throughout the day.

Wearing layered clothing can help you be more comfortable without having to run back home or to your hotel to change. Cash — We seem to be all about our cards nowadays, but many parks still require the old-school cash. From parking to lockers, you never know when it might be required. Save Time — Purchase your park tickets online to save yourself waiting in an unnecessary long line. Go Early — Arrive right as the park opens. There will be less people and you can get to the most popular rides first.

Avoid Long Lines — To avoid long lines, go to the most popular rides first thing in the morning. You can also skip long lines by going on the big rides during major shows or parades.

Take Time to Sit — Make sure you plan times in your day to rest and relax. Watching a show or a parade is a great way to enjoy the park while getting off your feet!

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