Ashton Kutcher Is Dating Rihanna -

Ashton Kutcher Is Dating Rihanna

ashton kutcher is dating rihanna

Share on Facebook Rihanna is happy and she's single, thank you very much. The diva was hit with old mtv dating game shows question about Ashton Kutcher, whom she was rumored to be datingwhile at a ashton kutcher is dating rihanna conference for her film debut 'Battleship' in London. RiRi wasn't having any of that, dismissing the question with sass. She was there to promote a professional endeavor -- her first film -- and she was not happy about being asked such a personal question. According to AOL Musica reporter asked if Kutcher, who is currently embroiled in a high-profile divorce with actress wife Demi Moore, would be joining her in London while she promotes the film. Rihanna labeled such a query "disappointing" and added, "I am happy and I'm single, if ashton kutcher is dating rihanna is what you are asking.

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He attended Clear Creek Aman High School and as a student there, he took part actively in school plays and drama. He often had to sell his blood and work as a summer hire at General Mills Cereal department in other to be able to afford his tuition fee. He has featured in ads for Calvin Klein and has also walked the runway in Milan and Paris. Though he has been married twice, he also has a plethora of affairs some of them while married.

According to Jones, Kutcher was a terrible boyfriend and was very unsupportive of her acting career. Ashley Ellerin Ashley Ellerin and Ashton Kutcher dated in for a very brief period because Ellerin was brutally murdered in her Hollywood Hills home during their relationship. Ashton had gone to pick her up for a post-Grammy award but did not receive any response. Her body was discovered the next day. Back then when they were still a couple, many fans said they actually looked cute together.

They first started out as friends and were hanging out together then started dating which was for a brief period of time until they broke up in April Demi was 16 years older than Ashton and this caught the attention of many. Then the affair ended. Both were on television shows. The tragic thing is that Ashley was 22 years old when she was brutally stabbed to death in her Hollywood Hills home. In , Ashton went to pick up Ashley for a post-Grammy party. But she didn't answer the door.

A friend of hers discovered the body the next day. DNA samples matched Michael Thomas Garhuilo, an air-conditioning repair man, to the crime as well as a killing. Ashton was quoted as saying: We just kind of started hanging out more. And now we've been hanging out a lot more. Apparently they were the talk of the party, and really turned heads with their year age difference. Two years later they wed in a private Kabbalah ceremony at their Beverly Hills home.

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