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Jan 07, Written by: Gaming Article Asus online chat deutschland Desktop replacement laptops put incredible power in a portable package that you can take anywhere. Instead of sitting flat, the ROG Mothership stands tall to draw more air into its advanced deutschlamd system. Its keyboard detaches and folds to fit different scenarios, giving you the freedom to find the perfect position, and the innovative design leaves enough room to put all the speakers right below the screen.

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But the idea stuck, and further research gave us insight on how it could be improved. We looked more closely at how gamers use desktop replacement laptops and saw that many connect an external keyboard and display. Having the laptop occupy so much desktop area was a real impediment to achieving a comfortable position.

This granted the flexibility to not only position the keyboard to suit your stance, but also replace it entirely without wasting desk space. Separating the keyboard and display makes it easier to situate the screen in multi-monitor arrays or on a shelf to achieve the optimal height for comfortable extended use. When the bottom edge of the chassis touches a surface, a stepless kickstand pops out automatically to allow one-handed deployment.

The hinge offers a range of angles for different setups, from standing straight and leaning back. You can even hunch over the display to look down on the battlefield, a position favored by a former professional gamer who works for ROG. ROG has a history of liquid-cooled laptops dating back to the GX Project Mothership explored something similar but ultimately decided on air cooling.

Getting the most out of liquid requires a large external radiator that compromises portability, and we realized that the free-breathing intakes gulp enough air to effectively cool a single CPU and GPU. The unique design is so much better for air cooling that we were able to reduce the thickness of the chassis to only Squeezing so much power into a chassis this size is still challenging.

The motherboard is meticulously shaped and painstakingly populated to make the most of limited PCB real estate and maximize open space for the cooling, battery, and speakers. There are even cutouts to make room for the mechanism behind the kickstand hinge. The main body pieces are machined from solid slabs of aluminum using a precise CNC milling process that ensures a perfect fit.

The process steps through individual tooling stages and takes nearly 20 hours to carve every little detail. Each piece is brushed and anodized for a flawless finish that would turn heads even on a machine with a completely conventional profile. But posture is just one aspect of an intricate cooling system that directly affects users.

Outlets flanking the top corners blow warm exhaust away from you, while putting the components behind the screen keeps the keyboard cool even after hours of continuous gaming. The block that sits on the CPU also has a special internal fence that prevents liquid medal from leaking out over time. They stretch across four heatsinks lined with ultra-thin copper fins. The fins are just 0. They combine for a surface area of nearly ,mm2. Keeping the fins clean is crucial to maintaining long-term performance and stability.

The standing orientation lifts the air intakes off the table, exposing them to less dust, and particles that enter the cooling system are drawn into anti-dust tunnels that shoot them out of the chassis.

Fan speeds are governed by expertly tuned system profiles that let you quickly adapt to different scenarios using a handy keyboard shortcut. Turbo mode uses the highest frequencies and fan speeds to reach maximum performance, while Balanced mode optimizes performance and cooling to drop noise levels for gaming. Silent mode goes even further to reduce acoustics for lighter workloads and less demanding games. You can also create a custom profile with tweaked fan speeds and frequencies of your own.

Our system utility includes new Scenario Profiles that let you associate applications with specific operating modes and other system settings, like lighting effects. Once configured, Scenario Profiles seamlessly switch between modes based on the task at hand. The CPU pairs with up to 64GB of power-efficient DDR4 memory for content creators working on big projects and power users with compulsive multitasking tendencies.

All three drives are covered by a heat spreader that improves cooling for sustained storage loads. Games can leverage these hardware resources to improve the quality of lighting, shadows, reflections, and other effects that make graphics feel more lifelike.

Other software can also use them to accelerate a range of tasks that includes content creation, scientific modeling, and deep learning, allowing the ROG Mothership to moonlight as a portable workstation. The GPU cooperates closely with the G-Sync display, which matches its refresh rate with the frame rate in real time.

Synchronizing frame delivery smooths out natural performance fluctuations to make gameplay feel smoother and more engaging. It also reduces input lag and eliminates ugly visual tearing that can interrupt your immersion. We use a proprietary GPU switch to compensate.

With a few clicks and a reboot, you can switch between G-Sync for a better gaming experience and Optimus for longer battery life. To cater to different needs, the ROG Mothership can be configured with a choice of two One focuses on speed by scaling up to Hz with a 3-ms response time.

The high refresh rate enables impeccably smooth movement that helps you get a better feel for the game, and it's easy to saturate the screen with triple-digit FPS thanks to the Full HD resolution. During her first attempt, she pointed me to the volume button, but once I informed her I needed to tweak actual presets, she had to do a little digging.

After 3 minutes had passed, Jonelle had me launch Asus SmartAudio, which offered a variety of presets. However, since Asus preinstalled two audio programs on the VivoBook, I pressed her to see if she could find the other one. When I told her it wasn't there, she recommended searching for the word audio in the Windows search bar, which brought up Asus Audio Wizard, netting the rep some hard-earned extra credit. PDT 9 a. I don't know about you, but tech fails typically happen for me in the wee hours of the morning.

I spoke to Richard at 3: Once we were connected, I asked how I could transfer files between my VivoBook and smartphone. He confidently and incorrectly stated that he would not be able to assist me because Asus doesn't offer that capability. He stuck to his story even after I hinted that there might be an app. He politely responded that there might be a third-party app that could help me, but seemed to have no knowledge of the Asus Sync app.

So the call ended at 2: For my second call, I talked with Richard at At first, he directed me to look through the icons in the bottom-right corner of the screen. But after a little more digging, he understood that I was looking to improve the tinny sound and directed me to search for an app called IceAudio. However, the model of my laptop only had IceWizard. When I informed him of the fact, he instructed me to click on the app, which launched the Ice Audio Wizard app, netting him a correct response.

From there, he explained the various presets and also pointed out that I could further tweak the sound via the Advanced Settings button. The whole process took 8 minutes and 43 seconds. I conducted my last call at After getting all my pertinent information, Hugh quickly told me that there was no way to disable nor reschedule automatic Windows 10 updates.

Both of these statements were incorrect. This was my second-shortest call, at 3 minutes and 7 seconds. Best Asus Laptops However, later in the day I received an email from Hugh, stating he'd "miscategorized" my query.

He stated that while you can stop the updates completely, you can delay them for up to 35 days.

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