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Black Single Parents Dating

black single parents dating

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Also children are invariably color blind, until someone eventually points out racial differences to them. Thankfully, like most children, my daughter learned to be tolerant of others, while maintaining her identity blackness. She can navigate through a "black and white world", as well as a Spanish and African one; or whatever may come her way.

From being exposed to other races, I made a choice to include non-blacks in my dating roster. We all know the saying, "Love is Blind". Race has no room in matters of the heart as long as you enjoy loving your partner. Being black and alone simply means you are black and alone. Remember dating is supposed to be fun. Expanding your dating horizons is like choosing dinner for the night.

You can go out for Mexican or prepare your own Japanese; you can pick-up Italian or have Chinese delivered. I wouldn't have it, nor want it, any other way and neither should you. Come on people; add some curry to your soup. We all need the spice. Enjoy your meal. Single parent dating has never been so simple. Meet Single Dads Single dads know they can meet a caring single woman here, who understands what being a single parent is all about.

They look at little Donte as he matures and notice how he has her nose and his lips, her cheeks and his eyes. Tierra tries to brush it off, but honestly, she likes the attention and the warm memories. What reason does Kevin have to respect her new relationship? Will is a reasonable man who just wants to make sure that young Donte has the full love and support of both of his parents.

Besides, Will himself knows how hard it can be on a child when the parents are at odds as he himself was in part raised by a single mom after the divorce of his parents during middle school. In his mentoring of kids, Will understands even further the importance that a healthy relationship between parents plays in the development of a child — and he would want no less than the best for little Donte.

Besides, he trusts Tierra. After all, she said she was done with Kevin right? She told Will all the things that she disliked and even hated about Kevin right? She said there was no way in hell that she would get back with him right? Yet all of the little moments of time around each other reinforces the bonding that they naturally have. Reminders of: What if…. Even further, the type of love that Will develops for Tierra can never be matched by her. Donte Kevin Will Donte must be put first.

Second must come Tierra because she is the mother who has to take care of her child. Next comes Kevin as Donte needs his father and since Donte is a mutual asset between them. God forbid Tierra gets a dog or Will could be fighting for his roster spot.

Tierra Donte Will As men, we are inclined to be self-sacrificing for the women that we love. Will is in position to put Tierra and even her son, the product of another man — ahead of his own self.

This is such a common thing among Black men. Unlike men who have children already, Will can only experience a sense of patriarchy in his relationship with Tierra.

The special and sacred tie that men want with a woman in creating a genealogy with her does not exist between Will and Tierra. Will has put himself in the bulls-eye for emotional turmoil and devastation. Imagine if Tierra assures Will that she will conceive a child with him if they were to ever get married and later on she opts out, or discovers that she is not able to bare another child.

His role is a volatile one. This is Between Me and Him: Will and Tierra have been an item for going on a year and everything seems to be going well. One evening, Tierra gets a call from Kevin demanding that she come pick up Donte, as he has to attend to an urgent, unexpected matter, likely just a ploy to interrupt her time with her boyfriend.

She had an evening of movies planned with Will at her place. Kevin is upset not only because of the back and forth that he had on the phone with Tierra about picking their son up early, but he hates knowing that Tierra has clearly moved on from him. After getting their child safely in the car, the arguing continues between Kevin and Tierra and they start fighting — fist fighting, in the middle of the street. Kevin grabs Tierra by the face and it sets her off. Tierra arrives at home where Will patiently waits for her in her driveway.

He understands that dating a single mom comes with unexpected interruptions but that the most important thing is for her to take care of Donte. When Tierra gets out the car, Will can see that something is wrong with her. As she turns to him with Donte on her shoulder still a bit disheveled. I need to go over there and handle it! What if you hurt him? What if both of you end up in jail?

Did you even think about that? Just play your position! As a man, we have a natural inclination to protect our woman. Will is disabled from doing his job in defending her appropriately, because in a situation like this one, the damage that he causes Kevin damages Donte. If Will is going to be with Tierra — than he might as well love Kevin too. Think of another man entering your home with your woman walking hand in hand to the bedroom that you share, having sex with her, as you sit there in a nearby chair watching him go in and out of her as he gives her long deep strokes, hearing her moan in pleasure, crying tears of joy.

After giving her a full load of his seamen dripping out of her vagina, you get the grand privilege of carrying her over the threshold to the bathroom, getting some warm water and mild soap and washing out his remains and then kissing her on the vagina to make sure she feels better after he just stretched her out.

Usually it was because she was a widow or the father had completely abandoned his family. The stepdad became the new dad. What most men inherit when dealing with a single mom these days is the bi-product of a fun night in the sack and the dismissive use of contraception. Even when their is a relationship, many pregnancies were either unplanned or unwanted.

A childless Black man will observe the child physically and mentally grow into his daddy, inheriting so many of his ways and tendencies whereas the man does not a have a child of his own to rear and watch mature. Her son was in pre-school. The father had apparently not seen his child for over 6 months despite living in the same city.

When the father did reach out to the mother, it was usually to make an empty promise that he would come and get their son for the weekend, buy him some clothes and spend quality time with him.

Those weekends never came. Her frustration led her to make a very striking and startling statement that I will never forget: The dating landscape in general can come with a lot of pitfalls and traps.

For many of us who were raised with some type of spiritual or religious upbringing, we can view it as noble to be able and willing to care for a woman who has a child or children. There was a time where for many reasons that I viewed being with a single mother as not only a dating preference but even as a part of my responsibility.

Many of us men with no children including myself have a natural love and affinity for children, especially when they are small. I myself worked with small children and within a matter of weeks I grew to have a genuine love for each of them individually and even felt compelled to take care of several of them if it was necessary. In my case, a large part of why I have been historically hesitant about being a father was fear of failure of perfecting the role of father.

My thoughts used to be that as a father, I must get it all right all the time. I would not have been able to live with myself if I ever messed up a family through the tackiness and demise of a family associated with infidelity or not being an adequate provider.

Even not doing enough in the way of teaching and training my children would have been enough to put off or no longer consider fatherhood. While I will probably always believe that before becoming a father that I should be able to provide a child with the tools both tangibly and intangibly to have the best chances of success in life overall I also realize that even my intentions with maintaining the gold standard of fatherhood will come with flaws.

Being a step dad gives us the opportunity to experience all of the good that we would want to bring to our own children with a woman who already has children and to treat the situation with the same level of permanency in our intentions as we would with a child of our own child. However over time, we will most likely be inclined to want to make these investments into our own child. You will be like a bank teller that gets a sense of feeling rich by handling a lot of money all day and only fantasizing that it could all be in your own account.

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