Breast Cancer Test In Bangalore Dating -

Breast Cancer Test In Bangalore Dating

breast cancer test in bangalore dating

Private hospital Vikram Hospital is a multispeciality hospital. It offers 70 different specialities under one roof. It has become a well known cancer hospital in Bangalore as it works towards providing you the compassionate care for cancer. The hospital believes in understanding your concerns. It has ih hour service available to ensure your comfort with quick recovery. The hospital is bedded with more than medical staff.

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This is the best oncology hospital in Bangalore for early detection of cancer, with its slice CT, Digitalized radiography and many other technologies This centre provides best amenities for both in and out patients.

Columbia Asia has become the most preferred location for the treatment of various types of cancer like breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and many more Technology for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment For cancer diagnosis Columbia Asia offers MRI, slice CT, Digitalized radiography, Digitalized Mammography, Colonoscopy for colorectal cancers Ultrasound and Color Doppler.

This centre provides surgical treatment for cancer with minimally invasive Laparoscopic surgery and medicinal treatment options with Chemotherapy and targeted therapy. Following are the best oncologists at Columbia Asia Hospital: Aravind Ramkumar is having an experience of 15 years. The doctor specializes in head and neck surgery, thyroidectomy, gynecological cancer, sarcoma, breast cancer surgery. Currently, Dr. Dr Neelesh specializes in Mastectomy, hormone therapy for breast cancer, prostate cancer and brachytherapy.

In its 46 years of serving its patients with care and compassion it is recognized as the best hospital for cancer treatment in Bangalore. It enables quality healthcare and conducts many medical, nursing and allied health services, educational programs at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. This cancer hospital in Bangalore treats different kinds of cancer with medical, surgical and radiation oncology. The hospital is a bed multispeciality mission hospital serving all socio-economic population of the society.

It ensures affordable and quality cancer treatment to all patients. This hospital has surgical, medical, radiation, and organ-specific oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists.

The hospital offers Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy for cancer treatment through medicine. Bangalore Baptisit Hospital is equipped with Conventional radiation therapy, Palliative radiation therapy, conformal radiation therapy — 3D CRT and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy making it a technologically developed cancer hospital in Bangalore.

It also offers surgical cancer treatment which is minimally invasive along with reconstructive surgeries. Following are the best oncologists at Bangalore Baptist Hospital: She specializes in head and neck cancer and breast cancer. Dr Saro has done her medical practice with several healthcare organisations and currently she is offering her services as Radiation Oncologist in Bangalore Baptist Hospital. Murali Subramanian is a medical oncologist with a vast experience of 20 years.

The doctor has published several original articles both in national and international journals. He has also held the position of medical director at Oncology India for the past 4 years. Medical College. He is a member of Karnataka Medical Council. Murali specializes in oesophageal cancer, laparoscopic cancer, stomach or gastric cancer, colon and rectal cancer, kidney renal cancer, mouth oral cancer and urinary bladder cancer.

Bellary Road, Hebbal, Bangalore Karnataka — Mallige Hospital Private hospital Mallige Hospital is a multispeciality tertiary care hospital. The hospital is located in the heart of Bangalore. The hospital is committed to superior and personalised patient care with its advanced technology, proactive wellness, education and outreach. It is a well known cancer hospital in Bangalore in terms of its experienced doctors and well-built infrastructure.

The hospital is bedded multispeciality facility with over 60 specialities under one roof. Mallige Hospital was the first hospital in Karnataka to perform a heart harvest from a cadaver for transplant.

The hospital was also the first one in Karnataka to harvest a kidney for transplant. Mallige Hospital is one of the best hospital for cancer treatment in Bangalore when it comes to treating paediatric malignancies, lymphomas, and gynaecological cancers including breast cancer, lung cancer and cancer genomics.

It provides Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy for cancer treatment through medicine. The hospital has treated several cancer tumours with its surgical procedures which are performed by experienced surgeons. Every year, one in every women who have the defective gene will develop breast cancer. The percentage of risk if you test positive If the test determines that the genes are mutated, then based on experience and statistics, doctors can determine the extent of risk. This will however be an approximation.

So if you are years-old, you will be at 0. If you reach 40 years, it will be 1 per cent risk each year. The highest risk will be when one is 90 years of age. That said, the statistics claims that one in every people who have the defective BRCA1 gene will develop cancer every year. Your chances increase, as you grow older. Cost of the test At Manipal Hospital, located on Old Airport Road, the test is done at a cost of approximately Rs 12, for testing one gene.

For both genes, the cost is Rs 80, Health insurance does not cover the cost of this test. What is more important is to cope with the result once it is out — especially when one finds that the said genes are defective. It could cause psychological stress. If one family member tests positive and another tests negative, it could result in a feeling of guilt.

It can cause fear in those who test positive. Hospitals provide counselling ahead of cancer treatment. Even before the test is done, an oncologist will help one decide if the test is even necessary. If you test positive, options are: This works only 50 per cent of the time. The intake of these tablets cause deep vein thrombosis in one in people.

Rarely it can also cause endometrial or uterine cancer. You can follow-up and decide on a course of action once you develop cancer. Alternatives to genetic testing If one does not have a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer, say, if only a mother has had cancer and no one else has, the daughter is still twice at risk than the average person. In such a case, the daughter can undergo surveillance from about ten years before the age of when the family member was diagnosed. You can undergo an ultrasound and mammogram.

While breast cancer cannot really be prevented, a healthy lifestyle will definitely help. This includes regular exercise, vegetarian food and limited consumption of alcohol.

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