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bundesprogramm 50plus dating

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Furthermore, a bigger part of the older generation is in higher funds as its younger segments of population. This situation is primarily caused by a widespread unemployment among young people and on the other side by a higher interest in career, especially among young well-educated women.

The generation 50plus — as my point of interest — takes an economical turn now, since it is of a current importance in the discussion of media target groups beyond the border of the standardized definition of the — alleged — relevant target group for advertisers in the age of 14—49 years.

Especially the to year age group is more brand than price orientated. That means they have no problem to pay more for higher quality, to expand more for fashion, cosmetics and luxury articles, to wine and dine and to go out to theatres, cinemas or concerts quite often.

Therefore their spending power is four times higher than that of average households. Furthermore nowadays the target group of the generation 50plus spans already 30 billion citizens in Germany. The share of the Best Ager of all Germans will increase from currently 37 percent to 50 percent by Therefore, the research question I am interested in is as follows: How is the generation 50plus perceived in German social magazines and to what extend are their needs served by the published ads in those magazines, i.

Methods To investigate the research question, I combined both a qualitative and quantitative method that is in this case discourse analysis and content analysis.

But before illustrating the detailed application of both methods — that follows in the next chapter — I am presenting a short overview of their theoretical application in my project in combination with some facts of their theoretical frame of reference.

Discourse Analysis Here, discourse analysis is used to analyse how the generation 50plus is described in articles published in older issues of the above mentioned magazines and is aimed to find out with what meanings, needs and values this generation is connoted. These methodological tools are commonly aimed to reveal social power relations and ideological perspectives respectively opinions. According to VAN DIJK ideologies are complex social phenomena which involve beliefs or mental as well as social representations like values, norms, opinions, knowledge and as a main cognitive function attitudes within a group and its members; they can monitor social practices in a certain way, constitute social identity and define interests of a group Content Analysis The content analysis is used to study, to what extend the before analysed needs and values of the generation 50plus are served by ads in the above mentioned magazines.

Here for I used one current issue per magazine and analysed all published ads. NEUENDORF defines content analysis as a summarizing, quantitative analysis of messages that relies on the scientific method including attention to objectivity-intersubjectivity, a priori design, reliability, validity, generalizability, replicability, and hypothesis testing and is not limited as to the types of variables that may be measured or the context in which the messages are created or presented Before starting with the analysis a conceptualization is necessary that clarifies which variables will be used and how they are defined as well as an operationalization measures to define the unit of data collection ibid: Both steps are presented in the coding scheme see next chapter which consists of a codebook and coding form.

Although text content analysis often uses computer coding analysis ibid: Before starting to design a codebook, it is important to note that the categories or levels used for a measure should be exhaustive, mutually exclusive and meet an appropriate level of measurement ibid: In so doing a certain generalisation as one goal of content analysis ibid: Application of Methods and Analysis 3. Discourse Analysis The methodological tools, I have already introduced in the forgoing chapter, are applied per single or groups of paragraphs.

I used groups of paragraphs, when some consecutive paragraphs were content wise very similar to each other and an itemized analysis would only produce an unnecessary repeat. This stepwise proceeding of analysis is aimed to guarantee an as thorough as possible analysis. Results Discourse Analysis Due to the enormous length of the analysis I am presenting a kind of summary of the achieved findings in the following.

You can find the complete discourse analysis in the appendix in the end of this report. In the end it cannot give a complete answer, rather it circumscribes what are the characteristics of it.

Furthermore the author criticises the lack of a sufficient consideration on the market, i. These personal opinions are mostly not represented directly, but indirectly by using quotations of other agents that fit to the personal ideologies of the author van Dijk; Beside these critiques the author does not present or develop any new approaches of possible solutions leading to appropriate dealings.

The largest part of this generation the author is relatively one-sided in his presentation, i. They have still a great potential due to a consolidated knowledge of many years and this potential should be used on the job market and in research or for education. Now he criticises the spontaneity of the younger generation, which is commonly regarded as their strength.

They are very individual in their claims, experience and intellectual interest. Therefore he appeals to be conscious of the subjective needs and their individual convenience as well as to serve it accordingly. To grasp this as an economic challenge the author comes to a further conclusion: Even though certain know-how is existent to appeal directly to older people, a general cluelessness of actual individual needs persists that makes it impossible to act economic profitable. But obviously there is some hope, since the problem of older people with new technologies is partly aware in the business community in particular and in research in general.

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