Buying A House Is Like Dating -

Buying A House Is Like Dating

Buying a house is like dating

Get a or year fixed-rate mortgage Go with a traditional fixed-rate mortgage — no adjustable or creative financing, balloon payments or teaser loans. As a single buyer, you want to know that you have a consistent mortgage payment every month for the life of the loan. This is a critical home-buying tip for single men. Buying a house is like dating good credit scores Good credit opens the door to success, and bad credit will close it. With so many tighter restrictions on lending and mortgages, it is imperative that you have as close to perfect credit and scores as possible.

House Hunting Is Like Dating. How to Buy a House

Ask your agent if they can refer you to a certified home inspector who can help identify any features of the home that are in need of repairs. Your inspection should include assessments regarding everything from the home's electrical and heating systems, to the condition of the roof, foundation and other structural aspects, to how many years the windows have left in them before they need replacing.

If the inspector says the home needs a new roof immediately, you can deduct the costs for repairs from the asking price. Many buyers are attracted to these homes because with a relatively minor improvement such as a new roof, the house is good as new and worth far more than what they paid for it.

If the inspection comes back stating the foundation is in dire straights, you may want to avoid the deal all together, however. Consider Your Financing If you are planning to finance your 'as is' home purchase with a VA, HUD, or FHA loan, and even some privately underwritten mortgages, you may not be able to purchase a home in need of significant repairs. If the inspector says the house needs a new roof or repairs to the foundation, your lender may quash the deal right there.

These financing options would allow you to purchase the home if the seller agreed to make the repairs before you signed off on any agreement, but they will not agree to the deal in any other case. Because the "as is" clause is included so sellers can avoid doing just that, you may need to find different financing or find another home that doesn't require substantial repairs.

Many insurance companies are reluctant to insure an old home that has not been fully updated. Many providers will deny claims stemming from known structural problems. It's important to speak with a qualified insurance agent who can help you find the right policy from a company willing to insure your home at rates you can afford.

Independent insurance agents, such as those on the Trusted Choice network, can find you a number of quotes from a variety of insurance companies. Want to leave your home-buying dreams out in the cold?

Here are a couple of great ways to do it: You expect perfection. Homes are a lot like people: They all have flaws. If you want to find a home this century, look for possibility instead of perfection. A fresh coat of paint can cover a multitude of ugly home sins.

You scare sellers away. Sellers have the upper hand in many markets today. You get so caught up in your ideal that you overlook reality. Like the fact that she has 25 cats—and dresses them up in a new outfit every day. Dude, shake the dander from your eyes before you find yourself funding the latest feline fashion craze!

The first few weeks may bring bliss, but just you wait. The crazy will come out and rip your budget to shreds while you sleep. The Quickest Way to Cut Through the Fish in the Sea Online dating is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for couples to meet.

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