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Can Sex Offenders Online Dating Sites

can sex offenders online dating sites

Read more Read Advertisement But the prospect of screening sex offenders, or any convicted criminal, for that matter, is incredibly dicey. Sex offenders are reviled in our society beyond most other criminals, but our justice can sex offenders online dating sites is still ostensibly based on the principle of rehabilitation: Sex offenders might have profound psychological issues that they need to grapple with and overcome, but they never stop being human beings—and human beings are entitled to find other human beings who love them. But we're also all entitled offendees not being raped. Not everyone on the national sex offender can sex offenders online dating sites Match. But it's a fair assumption that most people, given the choice between grabbing a drink with a sex offender and grabbing a drink with a non-sex offender, will choose the latter. Virtually every single time.

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