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Synopsis[ edit ] Lo Kwai-fong Lom Yuen is reliable, intelligent and a great cook, yet her only setback in romance is her shortness. She works as a sales manager at her father's struggling food distribution company, Dou Ling. Due to an employee's illiteracy in English, the company chow lok yuen online dating distributes bitter chow lok yuen online dating to all of their customers. To resolve the problem and prevent their customers from suing them because of their mistakes Kwai-fong goes to each restaurant showing them the many useful ways a bitter melon can be cooked. On her first stop she meets Hung Hsien King Kong Leea kitchen assistant and her 'dream boy' Pete Lau Jason Chanwho is there to conduct lokk with the head chef.

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While China overall has more single men than women, women make up the majority of graduates from postgraduate programs, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Education. Wu Siyi hosts a matchmaking event in Shanghai, July 27, For example for events in which male participants must be over 1. But for events that they anticipate will be more popular with men — those for women under 28, for example — the price is 99 yuan for all participants. At the speed dating event in Huangpu, each person is given a sheet with the names and details of all the participants of the opposite gender that they can check off as they proceed.

Once the clock starts, two men and two women talk to each other for 8 minutes before the men are asked to move along to the next table. With their pens and paper and patient, focused expressions, some of the participants look more like they are conducting a job interview or competing in the Math Olympiad than dating.

When these rapid-fire rendezvous are all done, each person picks their top three among those they have met. Popularity awards also go to the man and woman who are selected by the most attendees. As the year-old meets few women his age in his male-dominated field, he hopes off-campus speed dating will help him find a partner with a similar level of education. I appreciate these cool, courageous girls. Based on data published by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the biggest demographic among newlyweds across the nation in was the 25 to 29 age bracket, while according to the most recent figures from Shanghai, the average age of people marrying in was 34 for men and 32 for women.

The data does not distinguish first marriages from subsequent marriages. Male attendees move on to the next table after an 8-minute-date during a matchmaking event in Shanghai, July 27, Even as an eloquent young man in his 20s, Peng also has his dating disadvantages.

The prospect of spending holidays visiting his family in the distant, unfamiliar culture of Gansu puts women off. Participants who hail from Shanghai and surrounding areas tend to attract more suitors.

On the flipside, Shanghainese people defend such preferences as rooted in a desire for a shared language and culture. Plus, they say, dating a fellow native means not having to worry that someone is just after your residency status.

Participants go down the list to meet potential matches in Shanghai, July 27, The sheets include names and details for all registered. It would be much easier for these families to be joined because we have similar habits and customs. Unlike most of Hong Kong, the neighbourhood didn't boast towering apartment blocks, as a result of height restrictions imposed because of the airport.

But in the 20 years since Hong Kong moved its airport to Lantau Island, and restrictions were eased on property developments, the neighbourhood's skyline has been transformed with new, taller buildings.

There are still streets, however, that have barely changed in that time, partly because the area is only accessible by bus or car, but that could change when the Kai Tak MTR station opens in the next few years. Leung, who is showing me around on the latest stop of my food tour around Hong Kong neighbourhoods, says that despite the changes, Kowloon City is a constant reminder of his childhood.

A passenger jet prepares to land at Kai Tak, Hong Kong's former international airport. SCMP "When I go for a run on the weekends, I come here for breakfast," says the Asia-Pacific brand and marketing director for the Marriott hotels group, as we head to the third floor of the Kowloon City Municipal Services Building, the cooked food floor of the wet market.

We take a seat at Lok Yuen, his favourite cha chaan teng cafes serving affordable Hong Kong-style Western food , which is run by the owner's son and serves the same dishes Leung has enjoyed since he was seven years old. Arrive early enough and you might spot actor Chow Yun-fat or food critic Chua Lam here " as seen in laminated photos on the wall. It's just after 10am, and while we are settling in, Leung points out that the owner of the stall next door, has already opened his bottle of VSOP and is casually sipping his cognac.

Chris Leung Sai-kwan grew up eating in the Kowloon City district. They have a thin, crunchy crust and are not too oily, though the pork is more flavourful than the chicken. Roy Issa The next stop on the tour is a Chiu Chow restaurant that has been around since Kowloon City's large Chiu Chow population, from southern China's Guangdong province, settled in the area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, bringing with them their traditional cuisine made up of marinated meats and oyster omelettes.

When we step inside Lok Hau Fook, it's like being transported back in time 65 years. There's a kitsch wall with a giant dragon and phoenix in gold, for wedding parties, two vases of brightly coloured silk flowers, and three ceramic gods, or san sing, on a long wooden table " representing longevity, wealth and status. Leung's parents have eaten at this restaurant for decades, and like to celebrate their annual reunion dinner here on Chinese New Year's Eve, mainly for nostalgic reasons.

The retro-looking venue is also popular with film crews, Leung says, and has been used as a location in many films about triads.

Small, plump oysters that are quickly poached add a touch of sweetness to the congee, which is more like rice soup, flavoured with bits of ham and mushrooms.

It takes top-notch culinary skills to pull this off, and here it's well executed. The batter is deep-fried delicately, which makes it difficult to pick it up with chopsticks without bits of batter falling off. It's dipped into a thick, sweet sauce, though it's tasty without it too. Deep-fried taro with minced duck meat at Lok Hau Fook. There were poor families, small-time entrepreneurs, seedy characters such as triad members and drug dealers.

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