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Connecticut State Laws Dating

connecticut state laws dating

Share Connecticut gun laws, unlike other datong, do require the registration of certain types of firearms. The majority of firearms are exempt, but all weapons that connecticut state laws dating by classified as assault weapons must be registered with the state. However, there is no permit required in the purchase of firearms, for the exception of handguns. Under Connecticut gun laws, a person to be considered eligible for a firearm purchase must be 21 years of age, deemed datign a person lawfully and otherwise capable of handling a firearm safely--as per connecticut state laws dating statutes, laws, and regulations--and a handgun eligibility certificate for those seeking to purchase handguns. The certificate must be issued by the Commissioner of Public Safety, and there is a two-week waiting period from the date the application is submitted. Once the application is approved, it is issued by the Commissioner of Public Safety pending receipt of a background check from the Federal Bureau of Connectict.

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