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Danny Mac And Bianca Hendrickse Spendlove Dating Website

danny mac and bianca hendrickse spendlove dating website

Texas was introduced as the sister markiza zive vysielanie online dating established character India Longford Beth Kingstoninitially appearing from 17 May. Texas was one of many new characters which were introduced during Paul Marquess ' revamp of the series. She's very beautiful and always gets her own way with men, which drives India insane. Texas was said to biana even more havoc" during her stay at university. Texas often wants what India has got and has good intentions but "just can't danny mac and bianca hendrickse spendlove dating website getting herself into trouble". As a "force of nature" she almost has a "super-natural ability to make other people feel good about themselves".

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Anna Shaffer and Bronagh Waugh were also in attendance at the low key party The year-old accessorised her outfit with a pair of nude peep toe heels and a turquoise handbag. More glamorous turns came from other female members of the cast including a double dose of red from Jessica Forrest Leanne Holiday and Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove Texas Longford.

Jessica opted for white accessories while Bianca added a black belt, tan desert boots and a cropped black jacket to her ensemble. New to the old: Hollie kept to her slightly alternative mode of dress wearing a black, punky T-shirt emblazoned with an image from surrealist movie Eraserhead. She matched the top with a pair of leopard print leggings and black heels. Meanwhile Jorgie, 23, wore a glittering jumper with a pair of tight leather trousers and burgundy heels with red soles.

Here come the boys: More new blood arrives at the Hilton party Freshers: New cast members have arrived in Hollyoaks The female contingent was rounded up by the likes of Jasme Franks, Anna Shaffer and Karen Hassan who sashayed into the Hilton wearing a delightful white number. Dodger does not want his family to know about Sienna and goes along with Texas' accusations.

Will Savage James Atherton discovers Sienna's identity, but hides the truth from Texas, using it as an opportunity to console and kiss her. Texas sleeps with Will and regrets it. The actress said that Texas feels sick and used when she discovers the truth. Texas' guilt prevents herself reconciling with Dodger.

A spokesperson added that "his plan is reckless, and life for Texas may never be the same". Atherton told a reporter from Inside Soap that "he allows Texas to believe that she pushed him, which is pretty dark! It allows him to manipulate her to get what he wants. Atherton believed that Will's plan is to have Texas "completely subservient to him". The actor told Daniel Kilkelly that Will puts Texas on a pedestal and she is something he has that Dodger wants.

It is the first time Dodger feels inferior to Will and Texas becomes like a trophy. Will acts "all pathetic, as if he's completely reliant on her". He keeps putting ideas into Texas' head to keep her around and even instigates a kiss. Departure and death[ edit ] It was announced on 12 February that Texas would be murdered in a " whodunit " mystery.

But on their wedding day she will be pushed to her death from a window. Daniel Kilkelly reported that Will and Theresa will be amongst the suspects. A spokesperson stated that "there's a while to go before Texas and Will's big day arrives" and new characters could have a motive to want Texas dead. Storylines[ edit ] India is annoyed when Texas arrives to stay with her for a couple of days.

Trent unsuccessfully blackmails Texas and sends India a recording of their passion. India forgives Texas after they realise Trent is trying to come between them. She then promises Alistair that she will stop spending and donates her allowance to charity. Texas calls her great-grandmother Blanche Georgina Hale to make Alistair realise the truth. Texas starts internet dating and talks to a man name Cameron Cameron Moore. India accuses Texas of being irresponsible, so Texas convinces India try it herself.

India goes to meet Cameron instead but it turns out to be a trap set by Silas, who then murders India. Texas blames herself for India's death because she encouraged her to internet date. Texas struggles to deal with India's death and gets drugs from Doug and sleeps with him, feeling regretful she takes more drugs.

Texas does not attend India's funeral because she is drugged up. After being ejected from pubs and night clubs, she wonders around in a daze. Silas finds Texas and takes her to the woods where India was murdered.

Texas complies because she is too drugged up to notice anything strange. Silas prepares to murder Texas but she begins talking about India, revealing that she was Cameron's intended date.

Silas realises that India did not behave how he had previously believed and feels guilty. He changes his mind and takes Texas to hospital and pretends that he saved Texas. Lynsey Nolan Karen Hassan is attacked and accuses Silas.

Lynsey explains that the recognised Silas's voice, but Texas tells Lynsey that she is confused. But Lynsey demands that Silas is the intruder and reveals that her attacker stole her ring. Texas realises that India's ring was also stolen but still cannot believe that Silas is the culprit. He manages to convince Riley and Texas of his innocence.

However, Lynsey does not believe him and launches a campaign to expose him as India's killer. Texas soon becomes annoyed with Lynsey's obsession and tells her to stay away from her.

Texas has a causal relationship with Dodger. They sell her fake paintings and an exotic snake; when Cindy learns the truth she spares them police involvement. Texas attempts to make her relationship with Dodger official, but he wants things to remain casual.

Texas mourns India when Lynsey exposes Silas as her murderer. Texas befriends Jodie, who sleeps with Dodger, Texas pretends to be fine with the scenario. Jodie later kisses Texas who accuses her of trying to make Dodger jealous.

Jodie expresses genuine interest but Texas tells her she is heterosexual. Texas becomes jealous when Jodie chooses Theresa to participate in her dance assignment. A drunken Texas nearly kisses Jodie which makes Dodger jealous.

Texas goes to see Jodie and they kiss. A confused Texas begins a relationship with Jodie but soon changes her mind because of Dodger. When Lynsey is murdered, Texas assumes that Silas is responsible. She attempts to warn people that a copycat killer is active and contacts the newspaper. Silas then requests to see Texas and he tells her that Will is behind the murder. She is vocal about Will's guilt and this causes problems with Dodger and Will is proven innocent. Silas escapes and hold Texas hostage, but he decides to let her live because he feels that he can maintain her fear if she is alive.

Texas decides to leave for Australia but Dodger manages to convince her to stay by confessing his love. Dodger faces family issues and is upset that Texas had previously slept with Rob Edwards David Atkins , but the relationship improves afterwards. Texas presumes Dodger is being unfaithful and he confirms her doubts.

Will consoles Texas and they have sex, by later it was discover by Dodger's twin sister Sienna Blake. Texas realises that Will knew about Sienna and has used her. Dodger asks Texas to marry him but she writes him a good-bye letter and leaves. She later returns for Dodger, but Will reveals their affair. She confronts Will who throws himself down some stairs and she believes she pushed him. Will is left paralysed and a guilty Texas becomes his carer.

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