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People who use dating apps such as Tinder are more likely to have eating disorders, Dating disorders study shows Published Thu, Dating disorders 30 8: Dating apps have become increasingly commonplace, especially among younger users. Minority groups who use the apps have "significantly higher" odds of using unhealthy weight management behaviors, the study says. Match Group's Tinder dating application is on dating disorders Apple iPhone. Gaia Squarci Bloomberg Getty Images People who use dating apps are more likely to have eating disorders, abuse laxatives or use other unhealthy weight management practices disorvers people who don't date online, Harvard researchers found in a new dating disorders published Friday in the Journal of Eating Disorders. The study, which surveyed more than 1, U. Women were particularly vulnerable, with those who use apps such as Tinder and Coffee 9.3 matchmaking table Bagel having 2.

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But as the popularity of these apps grows, so does speculation that they could negatively affect a person's relationship with their body image. Another study found that Tinder users were significantly less satisfied with their faces and bodies and reported higher levels of body shame than those who did not use the app.

Minority groups who use the apps were at an even higher risk than whites. Asian-Americans, African-Americans and Hispanics had "significantly higher" odds of using unhealthy weight management behaviors than white people who date online, according to the study. Though eating disorders were more common in adults who use dating apps, Tran cautioned that his study does not imply that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between online dating and unhealthy weight management.

Tran noted that some apps seem aware of body shaming and discrimination on their platforms and are looking to address the issue. LGBTQ dating app Grindr recently unveiled Kindr Grindr , an initiative to end sexual racism, transphobia and fat shaming through strict enforcement policies and updated community guidelines. Grindr did not return a request for comment. Tran said there's still work to be done to address bullying on dating platforms, however.

I kept pushing him to go and see someone and finally he got to the point where he realised something's got to be done. Thankfully, he felt safe enough with Chloe to tell her the truth, and she was able to encourage him to see his GP.

From there, he got therapy and would come home with various exercises to do, like recording a food diary and writing about how eating made him feel. I never really thought too much about it at the time, until I found out what was going on.

Going out to dinner makes Aiden too anxious. He gets petrified. It makes it quite difficult. He has good days and bad days. He and Chloe argue quite a lot.

Messenger There is ongoing debate about whether eating disorders are more common in modern society. Some say that as young people are both exposed to and share images of themselves in an unprecedented way on social media today, this affects their body image and may have an impact on their eating too. Others suggest that social media can help eating disorder recovery by providing platforms for people to talk about their experiences and treatment. So which one is correct?

We know that rates of eating disorders are high. According to a large survey conducted in , about four in every 1, young people aged years have an eating disorder in England alone. The most recent study to look at trends in eating disorders in primary care showed that more people were being diagnosed with eating disorders year on year too.

It found that the number of people being diagnosed with eating disorders increased from 32 to 37 in every , people aged years between and But the GP data used in this research is now more than ten years old — dating from before the launch of platforms such as Instagram. For our newly published research , we decided to look again at these trends to find if the rise of social media had changed anything.

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