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dating my patreon

OK, enough of such boasting. I really enjoy providing solid, truthful attraction and dating advice. There is an awful dating my patreon of crap advice out there that eating provides feel-good information that results in frustration. Worse, it prevents singles from meeting their relationship goals. I'm passionate about this, I really am. I've not monitized my blog directly.

My Boyfriend Has Herpes is creating Comics about Herpes and Dating | Patreon

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Hardcoded is creating sex mod focuses on patreon adult content you must be found at times. The problem with monetizing a blog is that the blog's creator s become beholden to advertisers.

I don't want to go that route. I would rather reach out directly to my readers so they can provide honest motivation for me to keep creating solid articles and then eventual podcasts. Here's the call to action: Support me through Patreon.

Allow me to devote more time and effort to something that is desperately needed for post-divorce singles. The reason that I'm doing the pay-per-post model is that I'm used to being paid for each that I write. If I don't provide good content, I'm not going to be rewarded. I like the model. What the Patreon incentive provides: When I used to write for newspapers and magazines, I learned that the number of paid subscribers was obviously vital to the financial health of those publications.

Patreon serves as something of a stand-in for a printed publication's paid subscribers. This is also a time-consuming effort. Sure, there are plenty of research studies on attraction and dating but are those studies any good?

Digging into the study methodology to find truly useful data for my readers is my goal. If I post a link to a study, it's passed my clean bill of intellectual health and therefore has value to my readers. This research also includes going out in this world and watching the actions of men and women while they dealing with each other. The best type of research is to watch post-divorce singles on dates. Thankfully, I know where these singles go on dates.

It's fascinating and can fit in nicely with the content that I create. Twitter mining! I spend way too much time looking at blogs, forums, and other websites to find pithy and interesting content that can be distilled into a fine Tweet. I know my Twitter followers like my Tweets and Patreon support would provide some fine motivation to continue my efforts.

Follow me. My Patreon supporters would actually be helping me go on dates so I can experience, learn, and provide content to help other post-divorce singles through my mistakes. Please note that I rarely, if ever write about individual dates.

This is because I respect anonymity and that I'm looking for dating patterns, not anecdotes. As well, I have my own relationship goals. Increase the monthly number blog posts. I've done this in the past but is was so very time consuming. To be motivated through Patreon. My blog is the core of my content and delivery method. Reorganize my blog to make it easier to find specific categories of content. With over blog posts, this is a very time-consuming and daunting task.

This also includes updating my blog roll.

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