Dating Old Letter Cards -

Dating Old Letter Cards

dating old letter cards

Felicitations dating old letter cards been exchanged as far back as ancient China and Egypt. And the oldest extant Valentine greetings date back to the 15th Century. But it was not until the issuance sating the first postage stamp - the Pennny Black - in that mail became affordable for the masses. Heretofore, the recipient had to pay the postage! Hand-made cards could not keep up with demand, and it was not lettter before mass production made every dating old letter cards big business. John Calcott Horsley British is credited with creating the first Christmas card inbut it was not until that German immigrant Louis Prang started lettdr own line of cards. Regarded as the Father partnervermittlung arbeiten the American Christmas Card, Prang was manufacturing over 5 million cards by

Expiration dates fuzzy on old card debt -

Of course, no history of greeting cards would be complete without mentioning Joyce C. Hall, a high-school dropout who, along with his brothers Rollie and William, printed the first Hallmark card in So, what should you consider if interested in collecting new or vintage greeting cards?

First, the sheer number of cards available necessitates specialization. Victorian Valentines, Ellen Clapsaddle mechanicals, and Santa Clause cards are all very popular with collectors. Classified as ephemera, cards should be stored in acid-free, archival-quality sleeves or boxes, and away from heat and direct sunlight. Cards should never be stored with their envelopes.

You can also look at the tax stamp on the tuck case if any , design of the ace of Spades, and style of the box if any! It is also worth noting that older decks can occasionally be found in newer boxes, and vice versa, presumably because inventory of boxes and decks did not always run out at the same time. Collectors will also sometimes pair an orphan deck with an empty box of a similar vintage.

The letter Q was also used in many decks made in or Rod Starling has also sent me some updated information on the more recent printing codes in use by the United States Playing Card Company.

I have put this information HERE. This stamp was in use from to The stamp was cancelled by the U. These stamps are similar to the one above. They were in use from to The overprint mentions 'Act of ', when taxes were increased, and on the second stamp also the new value '7 CENTS'.

These also were in use from to , the Act of is referenced by the overprint '17'. They were cancelled by N. This is another stamp in use from to The overprint is the new value '7'. It was cancelled by S. These again were in use from to , the center row of the cancelling shows the new value '7 CTS. Russell and dated '17 resp. This can give you a clue as to when they were made.

Not much information exists as to which back designs were produced in which years, however I hope to collaborate more information on this so that it can be made available.

In the Playing Cards section of this site, more information is available on specific decks. So, usually a deck without a bar code can be considered to have been produced prior to this time. You can assume most companies started using bar codes at this time as well.

So basically if your deck has a tax stamp on the box, it was probably made before Keep in mind that a tax stamp may not be an absolutely accurate way to date a deck. Usually decks were stamped when they were marketed as opposed to when they were manufactured.

So it is possible that the deck was produced years before the tax stamp was even applied.

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