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It seems that some of the biggest gripes dating voucher singapore about who pays for the first date. Men lament that women expect them to pay for a first date. One reader, Reza, said: But she changed her mind and wanted to watch a movie instead. She then told him that she wanted to have a drink and dessert dating voucher singapore a cafe nearby. Reza said:

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Payments made with Takashimaya Gift Vouchers are not eligible for carpark redemption. Can you imagine how badly I wanted to shove my date into a hole? Don't tell women what to do or eat!

Isabella recalled a date who advised her against eating dessert at a buffet. And we all know that's the ultimate sin.

She said: I'd usually have my desserts before my main course but my date insisted on a systematic way of taking and eating my food. In the end, Isabella did not have any dessert at all. Poor girl! Another reader, Esther, had a date bring her to a Chinese restaurant. Not knowing that she did not eat certain dishes such as roast pork, duck, yam, venison, and asparagus, he went ahead and ordered these dishes without asking her about her preferences.

When the roast pork arrived, she told him she did not eat pork. Esther said: He was angry, agitated and showed a bad temperament. Yet, he felt that he was not in the wrong," she added. He was just giving me the illusion of choice. He said: It was as though I was invisible throughout the date. Girls, and guys: Dress to impress! Guys, a rule of thumb? Don't wear T-shirts, three-quarter length pants, or sandals for your first date - especially if it's at a posh restaurant.

This is what Hui Xia's date wore for their dinner date. Don't treat your dates like objects When you're on a date with someone, give him or her your full intention. It's rude to check out other girls. Hui Fan recalled a date with a man who kept his eye on all the other women nearby.

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