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Of course, the show must go katee and dear deer kate micucci dating great wedding planner can find a creative solution and sometimes even keep the bride and groom from ever knowing there was a problem at all. While I began to work out alternate answers, the shipping company called back and said that they would receive a shipment of roses the restaurant rencontre marseille morning, not exactly the same variety, but similar, and they would messenger them to the hotel as soon as miducci could so that we could have them arranged. Of course, this is one of those stories that dear deer kate micucci dating just hope and pray the outcome will be positive and when it is, you can laugh about it afterward. We took over an entire hotel and thought that it would be easier to construct all the centrepieces and flower arrangements at the hotel. The flowers were scheduled to be delivered by FedEx the day before the wedding, so that there would be plenty of time to arrange them. As it got later and later in micucci day, the flowers still had not arrived. I mmicucci the shipping company and found out that the thousands of roses that were being shipped from Ecuador had a parasite and dear deer kate micucci dating not pass through customs.

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The wedding flowers were not allowed into the United States, and had been incinerated. This is where panic started to kick in, but there was no way that I was going to tell the bride that she was not going to have flowers at her wedding! In that situation, you literally start to think, should I run to every grocery store and florist in town to buy every single flower they have?

Do I send my assistant back to Los Angeles to the flower mart first thing in the morning to buy every rose possible? I had a client getting married on a Saturday afternoon outside on a perfectly manicured lawn. The weather was cooperating and we were able to get all the rental items in place the day before the wedding. I was not at the hotel, but received a frantic call from the bride that rain was on its way and the ceremony area was going to be flooded. I advised the bride and groom to run to the hardware store and they bought giant tarps to cover the lawn to protect it from getting soaked.

Literally, right after getting the tarps down, it poured cats and dogs. It was one of those torrential downpours that are rare in southern California. The following day, the sky was crystal clear so the weather — and the wedding — was perfect.

While I honestly see nothing wrong with having one, and think that if you take yourself out of the emotional equation, a prenuptial agreement is ultimately to protect everyone and really is not a question of how much someone loves you. If you really think about it, if your love is as strong as it should be to even have a wedding, then the written agreement will never rear its ugly head and all will be grand. Somehow it seems that most couples put off the details of the prenuptial agreement until the last minute, and it becomes an emergency.

Like anything, if you wait until the last minute, things get rushed and then the pressure can really set in. As a wedding planner, you literally become an extension to the family and, like a hairdresser, you know everything about all aspects of a wedding: You can suggest that the couple take a step back, evaluate the situation and discuss it in an objective manner. This can work if the couple can agree to set it aside and choose to enjoy their wedding day and get back to the negotiations after they are married.

At least in this situation, the couple gets to enjoy their wedding and it reverts back to a joyous celebration. Alcohol in moderation can help loosen someone up, calm nerves or just give a needed boost of confidence on a big day.

The groom and groomsmen will usually hang out before the ceremony, they have a few drinks, maybe a few shots, sitting around watching the game, all dressed up in their tuxedos with nowhere to go. One drink leads to two, and so on. A wedding typically starts a little later than scheduled, so to pass the time, the guys will continue to drink and if they are not watched closely, they can get drunk Groomsmen are notorious for falling down during the ceremony usually from a combination of heat and dehydration from drinking the night before and the Best Man has often over-imbibed and rambles endlessly during his toast to the groom, relaying the epic story of growing up together or using inside jokes that are not funny to anyone else.

Do yourself a favour and make sure there is a sober babysitter occupying the guys with video games or other activities to keep the drinking to a minimum. Brides tend to get nervous on their wedding day, and they almost never eat enough. Ladies, eat something! It is disrespectful to the bride and groom who are working hard to plan a perfect party.

The sad thing is that responding is so easy because typically the RSVP card is already stamped and addressed, you just mark it yes or no!

This can affect your wedding budget and your costs can skyrocket. Lucky that we did, because all of those tables were filled with guests who showed up unannounced.

The seating chart is where, as a wedding planner, you really get to learn the nuts and bolts of family dynamics. Eventually we were able to get everyone seated and served, but it took an additional 30 — 45 minutes out of the reception schedule.

That way, you might be able to narrow down the number of lastminute party crashers. A wedding is a celebration, remember that! Break traditions, make your own traditions and have a blast! While a wedding is a time to bring everyone together for a celebration of the couple getting married, it is shocking to me how some people are so selfish and think about themselves rather than the couple.

Touchy topics include who will walk the bride down the aisle, where family members sit at dinner and the ceremony, who you ask to be in the bridal party, and who is paying for what. You become a therapist when planning a wedding; you literally have to have a degree in psychology as well as organizational skills and communication to facilitate a couple getting married, diffusing family quarrels and mediating.

Knowing where the trouble spots are in advance can help prevent arguments before they begin. Generally I hear only good things. Brian Blessed and Heston Blumenthal have both expressed their appreciation, which is lovely. My only bad experience was from The Ultimate Warrior God rest his soul who, somewhat bizarrely, sent his lawyer after me because of the picture I drew of him and Alan Partridge posing for a photo. Something to do with how because he has his logo on his face I'm breaching copyright.

But I just agreed not to sell any merchandise of the image and that was the last I heard on it. Pretty sure it was just his mate pretending to be a lawyer if I'm completely honest. In your online bio you say that you like music, horror films, bubblewrap and painting things on Microsoft Paint. How distraught are you that the makers of bubblewrap are changing their production process so the bubbles no longer pop?

I must admit I'm not panicking about it. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of off-brand bubble wrap makers out there to fill the gap in the market and besides I've got a huge, unpopped roll of the stuff in a cupboard that I save for when I need some 'me time'.

Just out of curiosity, does it get any darker than muppets re-enacting The Deer Hunter Russian Roulette scene? There is definitely a recurring theme with children's characters being put in horribly dark real life situations.

I'm fairly sure we'll eventually hit rock bottom. Do you have a formal art education or are you self taught? Self taught. For the first half of my life I was obsessed with drawing and everyone at school said I would do that for a living so inevitably, come my teenage years I sacked it off and did a music technology course and spent 10 years making aggressive electronic music under the name Eraserhead.

In the meanwhile I worked doing design and typography for a small publishing company who were just glad to have someone who vaguely knew how Photoshop and In Design worked.

It's quite bad but I don't really follow anyone really. I follow It's Nice That on Twitter and see really cool illustration and design on there every day but I'm really bad at actually following it up and becoming a rabid fan of anyone in particular.

How often do you find yourself looking up the proper spelling of our Dark Lord Cthulhu? I'm bad with names so I tend to just stick with 'Sir' Q: Who would win in a fight? Is the fight happening on land or in the sea? Please can you paint Daft Punk Morris dancing on the surface of Mars wearing only their helmets and official Morris dancing tassels and braces.

Adam Ant is shredding on the electric guitar to accompany the dance. The sun has gone supernova and Earth is exploding in the distance. The 3 of us battling the Psychedelic Cosmic octopus badly while God played by Gazza tries to rescue us with a fishing rod and chicken.

Meanwhile in the foreground a greyhound dressed like Charles Dickens licks the frosting off some doughnuts. Dear Jim, can you use Paint to show us a scene from a not too distant future in which those fucking Minion things have finally taken over completely? Awkward Star Trek orgy.

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