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Double Dating Merl Reagle

double dating merl reagle

The piece is about puzzles getting the axe in print media—the New York Times Magazine won't always include the second Double dating merl reagle puzzle, the New York Sun folded, the Washington Post dropped its acrostic, the Atlantic Monthly will no longer even publish the Hex cryptics online I don't dsting to have to list reaagle more puzzle demises. Maybe if the TV had been off and my family not talking, I'd have broken the 6-minute mark on this puzzle, and I don't think I've ever come so close on an NYT Sunday puzzle before. It felt like there were more than the double dating merl reagle allotment of such gimmes which, of course, are probably not gimmes to those who've not dedicated years of study to Modern High Crosswordeseand while double dating merl reagle didn't lend extra entertainment value to the puzzle, the "whoo, this crossword is tumbling like a house of cards" speed thrill has its charms. Things that aren't exactly household words unless someone in the household does a boatload of crosswords. The theme was not too hard to unravel without peeking at the Notepad. Each of the straightforwardly clued theme entries includes a chicago dating matters grant word, double dating merl reagle if you interpret each phrase Escort Palvelu Turku Vrk Sää Barcelona as you might in a cryptic crossword or in those tricky crossword clues for the spelled-out names of lettersyou'll extract one letter from each one's key word.

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