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Customes who enjoys spoiling his own needs, and her powerful: We have to be family is said they. Plot summary[ edit ] Lois finds a lump on Peter 's chest and worries that the lump could mean cancer , prompting Peter to see a doctor. Before his medical test results come in, Peter treats the time he has as if he were dying, setting up a yard sale for life insurance and even trying to buy himself a casket.

When the results do come, the lump is revealed to be a benign fatty corpuscle. Peter decides to take a new outlook on life, but does not want to pay the hospital bill, so he declares himself deceased on the insurance form.

Michael Dante DiMartino directed the episode. While the family celebrates the good news, Death shows up at his house to collect Peter. Despite Lois' protests, Death manages to get Peter to come with him. He makes a cameo as a performer of " Peter is Slow " in " Petarded ". Bored with his life, Peter talks Death into letting him see what his life would have been like if he had chosen to liven it up more.

Death gives Peter a glimpse of what life would be like without alcohol in " Friends of Peter G ", after Peter is killed in a car crash. He advises Peter to drink responsibly. When Death dies in a traffic accident caused by Carter Pewterschmidt in " Grumpy Old Man ", Superdeath arrives to oversee his transition. Death wonders if he'll go to Heaven but Superdeath tells him he's being reincarnated in China.

Death disappears but quickly reappears with the two noting he'd been born a girl in China. Death comes to pick up a mailman killed by Stewie with his ray gun in the special opening of " Bigfat ". Death returns in " 3 Acts of God ", to tell Cleveland his show had been canceled and is asked by Peter to meet God. He agrees and brings them to Heaven. He was unable to reprise the role, as he was committed to Twenty Minutes with Stan Hooper.

The role was given to Adam Carolla , who voiced him for all further appearances. His head is a bare skull in "Wasted Talent," but in "Death Lives" it is a skull covered with bugs, and a snake crawling in and out. Death fits the stereotypical description of a teen rebel, never thinking he fits in and having girl troubles.

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