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Fender Telecaster Vs Stratocaster Yahoo Dating

fender telecaster vs stratocaster yahoo dating

November 14, Mark wrote: Hi my name is Mark. It is wonderful! Normally there is the seemingly inevitable disappointment when the sound from from the ad far surpasses the sound from my fingers. This time that did not happen. Whatever you are doing, keep it up.

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There are some rare Teles with a tremolo bridge. The tremolo really takes away from the classic Tele tone and sustain. The Strat is better with a tremolo on it. Differences other than tone from pickups. Most Teles have a neck with a vintage V profile. Profile is the shape curvature of the back of the neck. The profile has a lot to do with how thick a neck feels in your hands.

Some players, like Eric Clapton, love the V profile neck. Most do not. It is a love it or hate it thing. Not many in between. The V profile tends to make the neck feel thick. I think it gives the guitar better sustain. But it does have a strange thick feel. If you have small-ish hands, you may not like the V profile. If you do not like the V profile and I am guessing you will not , there are other models of Teles with different necks. But you will have to move away from the Standards.

I think the 72 Fender Deluxe Telecaster reissue does not have a V profile. It also does not have the traditional single coil pickups. It has 2 wide range humbuckers. Definitely not the traditional Tele twang, but a very good sounding guitar. But the things it does well - the neck pickup cleans, the quack tones - no other guitar can touch.

Buying Guide: Stratocasters Learn More Fender Telecaster: Bite, Twang and Snap Paul Bigsby may have built some visionary prototypes in the late s, but Leo Fender's Telecaster initially called the Broadcaster was the first solidbody electric guitar to see mass production and widespread use.

To this day, it is still one of the most popular electric guitars and most searched terms on Reverb. Something has to be behind this enduring obsession. Calling cards of the Telecaster: A bridge pickup tone like no other. The definition of twang when clean. Fender guitars made from to mid have a neck plate serial number, which changes depending on the year. Guitars with serial numbers to were made in , to in , to in , to in , to in , to in , to in , to in , to in and to in Examine the neck plate for a serial number beginning with an "L.

However, some Telecasters with this kind of serial number may have been made as early as , according to Telecaster. Numbers from L to L indicate that the guitar was made in , L to L mean it was built in and L to L date the guitar to Check for a large scripted "F" below the serial number on the neck plate.

Telecasters with these numbers were made from to

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