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A representative from the Ethiopian Inter-Religious Council Against Homosexuality announced that the council was making "promising" progress in convincing the government to introduce the death penalty to punish "homosexual acts. One of his rallying cries is, "Africa will become a graveyard for homosexuality! But no one can recall any taking place after last June, when a documentary called No Silence — About the Satanic Act of Homosexuality in Ethiopia made national headlines.

It didn't live up to its lurid title: The most "egregious" moments feature men in women's clothing drinking beer at a secret party. Still, the party-goers who were outed by the undercover cameramen had to go into hiding, especially after newspaper articles alleged that homosexuality was a contagious disease and the moral equivalent of child rape.

A man named Solomon Negussie posted a comment wondering "what I can do as an Engineer to eradicate these people I mean gays and lesbians from Ethiopia or generally from the face of earth next to praying to God to give me the wisdom to produce a machine or virus that will kill or make them straight like normal people!

Ethiopia is a deeply religious country — the majority of its citizens are Orthodox Christian, then Muslim — but many church leaders are increasingly progressive when it comes to social issues like family planning. During a visit to the Holy Trinity Church, tour guide and longtime teacher Getenet Teshome said the church had relaxed its stance on contraception but that LGBT rights were "unthinkable" — even discussion was "highly condemned," since gay people would "bring doom to the whole earth.

Youth leader Hezkias Tadele, 24, championed his generation's "openness" at November's International Family Planning Conference in Addis but said he didn't want to talk or even think about homosexuality, and claimed that his peers nationwide felt the same. Selamawit Tsegaye, a year-old graduate student at Addis Ababa University researching homosexuality in Ethiopia, said that her human rights classmates "think homosexuals are less of a human and they deserve to die; some even say very proudly if they meet one gay man they would kill that person.

Ethiopian religious leaders were enraged when they learned that African Men for Sexual Health and Rights AMSHeR , a continental gay rights lobby group, planned to discuss LGBT-related issues, and quickly launched a text-messaging campaign that led to widespread protests and a meeting with Ministry of Health officials.

Gay Ethiopians silently watched their friends and family post Facebook statuses about their plans to burn the host hotel to the ground. Mercy couldn't take it anymore.

As a volunteer for a few U. A week later, Mercy — the lone gay Ethiopian willing to out himself that weekend — was detained and told to lay off the activism by police who said they'd been following him for years. When he got back, he was arrested and tortured. Fearing for his life, Mercy quickly secured a visa and escaped to Washington, D. Mercy regularly updates Rainbow Ethiopia's website and Facebook group and says his goal is to "spread news of what it's really like to be gay in Ethiopia" — but it's hard to get U.

He's had a rough time attracting attention in Ethiopia, too. Mercy is an "ambiguous character," says Happy, who moderates two popular gay Facebook groups: Zega, which means "citizen" in Amharic, is a code word for gay. Even U. Consider what happened to year-old Robel Hailu, universally adored by other Zegas because he's one of the only "out" gay Ethiopians still in Africa.

Hailu "put Ethiopian Gay rights on the map," one admirer says. In , he entered the international Mr. Gay World contest. He wasn't only the first Ethiopian to enter the pageant; he was the first black African, which meant he was pilloried in the press and shunned by his family.

Hailu remembers his father's last words to him: You are not my son from this minute. It is better to kill yourself than be gay. He misses the family and friends who've abandoned him, but says it's his life's dream to start an Ethiopian LGBT organization. He just has to figure out how to do it. For some gay Ethiopians who aren't as idealistic, the Internet is enough radical change for now. The few Ethiopian lesbians who post on Zega Matters told Newsweek they don't have any gay female friends off the Internet, so it's comforting to share awful experiences, like when Dondo, 24, was accused of "displaying affection" on her college campus with a woman, taken to the police station, and nearly expelled.

Around two dozen well-educated, middle-class something Ethiopian men have formed an intimate clique both on and offline. Some people call them The Facebookers.

Before they found each other, the Facebookers were lonely and self-hating. Their only proud and out role models were from mainstream Western pop culture, which explains why their weekend get-togethers resemble the sassy PG-rated sleepover party of a Bravo executive's dreams: Beki says the movie Boat Trip , about two straight men who get stuck on a gay cruise Roger Ebert said the film was so bad that "not only does it offend gays, it offends everyone else" changed his life; another Facebooker says Get Real , a critically acclaimed British film about a gay teenager, was a revelation.

Starved and searching for what one called "gay resources" — from porn to episodes of Glee — the Facebookers eventually discovered gay Yahoo!

Now, they go clubbing on weekends and meet for "lifesaving" lunch breaks during the week. They text each other constantly. Most of the men have two Facebook accounts: We strongly condemn this behaviour. They homosexuals have to be disciplined and their acts discriminated, they have to be given a lesson. Department of State 's Human Rights Report found that, There were some reports of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT individuals; however, reporting was limited due to fears of retribution, discrimination, or stigmatization.

Persons did not identify themselves as LGBT persons due to severe societal stigma and the illegality of consensual same-sex sexual activity. In early December[,] Christian and Muslim religious leaders attempted to derail a seminar on sexual health that was targeted at men who have sex with men.

The government intervened, and the seminar went ahead, although at a different location. Why is that? Perhaps you are dating the wrong people? You should mix it up and be introduced to someone who has flavor and valid opinions. Someone who isn't so caught up in the main stream and can give you a taste of something different.

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