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In Heat Guy JMonica's mother Christina has met a man while out partying guess who dating site one night, and plans to leave Judoh with him. Monica is suspicious of him, and refuses to go with them. Christina leaves with her new boyfriend anyway, thinking Monica would join them later and they'd be a family. It turns out Christina's new beau has a bunch of women he tricked onto getting Wechat apps android mobile9 the boat so he guess who dating site dump them off or sell them as sex slaves and sell their I. Daisuke and J save the day, of course.

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Naturally, his dad is skeptical when he tries to tell him "No, this one really IS evil! The Night of the Hunter , in which the extremely wicked stepfather has apparently Brainwashed the mother.

And then he kills her, leaving him all alone with the kids Vidal from Pan's Labyrinth is not the ideal stepdad, either. He shoots her! She had sedated him, but he didn't know that. And her nanny had repeatedly stabbed and joker-fied him. He was about to torture her though, so Happened in Nanny McPhee: The great-aunt was willing to cough up money only if the dad married, and as the dad was almost broke, he was desperate All the more because the kids are ridiculously ill-behaved, and so he didn't quite catch the deliberately malicious undertones to their antics.

The only reason he was marrying her was that the alternative was the family going broke and his children being sent to work houses, or who knows where in the case of the younger ones. Subverted even more at the end, when he marries Evangeline, whom he and the children all love.

In Disturbia , the protagonist's mother steps into the kitchen with the next-door neighbor He is. Hank Azaria , in Run Fat Boy Run , actually starts out as The Ace but ends up invoking Derailing Love Interests when it turns out he expects the mom and kid to move to America with him without ever having mentioned or discussed it before and is a bad sport in the climactic race just as Simon Pegg's character gets his act together at the end.

Addams Family Values. Uncle Fester is preparing to marry a seemingly sweet woman named Debbie Jellinsky, who is actually a Black Widow , a killer who marries rich men, then kills them for their money. Only Wednesday and Pugsley are wise to her true intentions, and Debbie deals with them by sending them away to summer camp. Sling Blade features this trope prominently as a mentally challenged protagonist befriends a boy and discovers that the boy's mother is about to marry a man who will definitely destroy their lives.

He even says so to the boy's face, though not in so many words. The Ingmar Bergman film Fanny and Alexander uses this trope, though the mom fairly quickly realizes she's married a monster , and the kids don't free themselves. The scene where we find out actually switches things around.

The Sound of Music has Captain Von Trapp bring Baroness Schraeder to his home to meet his children with every intention of asking her to marry him. The Baroness isn't actually all that bad, but the trope holds true from the kids' point of view since she very clearly is only interested in marrying the Captain and his money, not his seven children, whom she'd just as soon pack off to boarding school.

Her few interactions with the kids are highly awkward, and not surprisingly, they prefer Maria. The mother in All I Want for Christmas does this, making her daughter think her wish to Santa backfired. Vince Vaughn is the wicked stepfather in Domestic Disturbance In Stepmonster , Dad's going to marry the eponymous monster in disguise as a pretty woman. Subverted at the very end, when Dad himself appears with the monster's Weaksauce Weakness that the children discovered during their Only Sane Man time and deals with the monster.

Murdstone is a bit of a subversion; before his marriage to Clara Copperfield, he treated David decently enough but once he had Clara and the family in his grasp, he showed his true colors.

Any adaptation of a fairy tale with a Wicked Stepmother is likely to use this. The Wicked Stepmother , however, is seldom a Child Hater ; she loves and jealously protects her own children, if she has any which is half the problem. Some fairy tales start off with the stepmother being kind to the stepchild as well, only for things to go south when said stepchild starts to turn out prettier and more desirable than their biological children or, in Snow White's case, than the stepmother herself.

Snow White is actually a subversion, as the villain was her birth mother initially. The Brothers Grimm changed this due to complaints. In the novel Prosperos Children , the main character finds out that her dad is marrying an evil witch. Happens in Ella Enchanted , when Ella finds out that her father intends to marry the odious Dame Olga for money.

She's perfectly lovely to Ella, until she finds out that Ella and her father are broke. Then it follows Cinderella straight through. A variation is done in A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning. In this case, when Olaf says "Guess who I'm marrying", it's a lot more squick-y for Violet. Register today to find that special someone on EliteSingles. Intelligent Matchmaking We continuously fine-tune our matchmaking algorithm to deliver the most relevant and active singles based on your preferences.

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