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Gustavo Cerati Murio Yahoo Dating

gustavo cerati murio yahoo dating

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¿De qué murió Gustavo Cerati? | America Noticias

He grew up in a middle class household; his paternal family was of Lombard descent [10] and his maternal family was of Irish origin. From his early memories he had an idyllic love of the sun and nature. Cerati's first passion was art and in elementary school he drew comics and created his own comic book characters. For weeks, I listened non-stop.

That is when the desire to play, to start a band, was awakened. At that moment I started to separate myself from my classmates. My dad used to travel abroad on business trips and he started bringing me records. In it was not easy to have imports.

In Argentina the records came out a long time after My father brought me my first imported guitar, a Gibson. I went to meet him at the airport and it was unforgettable. After serving compulsory military service in Cerati entered the university to pursue a degree in marketing, something that he was not passionate about.

The two hit it off and decided to form a band. Around this time Cerati participated in the album Outlandos d'Americas: Traeme la Noche. Cerati used an MPC to record many of the tracks. The album was also mixed and mastered in London at Townhouse Studios. Bocanada ' immediately reached gold status in Argentina and received many accolades in the Argentinian and Latin American press. The album was universally praised for its grandeur and its beauty and is still considered by critics and fans alike as Cerati's magnum opus.

In Cerati released Siempre es Hoy: Reversiones "It's Always Today: Roken's non-conventional approach focused on improvisation and writing of songs in real time. They played in various festivals throughout Latin America as well as in underground clubs in the United States.

The release was followed by a small tour of Mexico , Argentina , Chile and Spain. Grammy nominations in Argentina and winning all but one of the nominations, a first for any Argentinian artist.

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