Guy Im Dating Wants Me To Meet His Friends -

Guy Im Dating Wants Me To Meet His Friends

guy im dating wants me to meet his friends

For a guy, meeting his friends is like the trial run. These are people he spends a lot of time with and who he wants his girl to fit in with. As a couple, hix probably spend more time with his friends than you will with his family. But at the same time, he knows that meeting eating friends is more casual. His bros aren't going to rag on him if things don't work out with you.

7 Signs He Wants You To Meet His Family And 8 Signs He's NEVER Taking You Home

So if he isn't comfortable calling you his girlfriend, he definitely won't be comfortable introducing you to his parents. And if he won't call you his girlfriend, you might have bigger problems. Perhaps you haven't been dating long enough to DTR. Or perhaps he's just not ready for commitment and this isn't the guy for you. He wants to know when you're going to be free because the holidays are the perfect time to invite you home.

Over the holidays, lots of families get together so it's a great way to introduce you to everyone without sitting through a million different dinners. It's also a good way to bring you in without putting all of the focus on you. If he brings you home for a Christmas brunch, there's going to be lots of focus on cooking the turkey, setting the table, opening presents and singing carols.

Of course people will notice you, but you won't be the main attraction. And that's great because your guy likely wants to make you feel comfortable and introduce you to his family under the radar. So if this is your guy's strategy, he's going to keep checking in to see when you're free this holiday season.

Keep an opening in your calendar! He could have all of the excuses in the world. But at the end of the day, if he is consistently flaking out on you it's because he doesn't care enough. And you don't want to be with a guy who doesn't care about you.

And if he's being a flake and not calling you when he said he would, not showing up to dates on time and not responding to texts, you can bet he won't be bringing you home to meet the family. A flakey man is always going to be unreliable. And if he's happy to waste your time and put himself first, he's proving that he's not someone you want to be with long term.

In fact, you don't even want to meet his family. You want to get away from this guy. So as you're going out to dinner one night, he might mention that his mom makes the best spaghetti or that his dad introduced him to this restaurant. And then he'll look at you and see if you're interested in learning more. If you want to meet his family, then you need to act interested. Ask what's so special about his mom's spaghetti or what kind of food his dad likes.

He'll love that you want to know more. He may also start to remind you of his family members' names and things they like and dislike to prepare you for a family conversation.

So if your man says, "So my mom, Gina, who loves fresh flowers, called today," it may sound odd, but really he's just getting you prepared to meet the fam! Seriously, he will not bring up the topic of family at all. He won't want to talk about his family and he won't even want to talk about yours. Because if the topic comes up, he's nervous you might start asking questions. And what's he going to do if you straight up ask to meet his family? Well first, he'll panic.

And then he'll come up with some terrible excuse or try and change the topic. Sadly, if this is how your guy is behaving, you are not going to be meeting anyone related to him anytime soon. His family probably doesn't even know you exist! If you're newly dating and willing to wait it out, you might be waiting a while.

Or maybe it's time to cut and run. So he's going to want to talk about the future and be sure you're on the same page. Because he isn't going to waste his time or his family's time, bringing home someone who isn't going to be a part of his future. So maybe your man has always planned to move to another state for a dream job.

He's going to check in and see how you feel about a long distance relationship or if you'd be open to moving with him. Or maybe he's dreaming of starting a family soon or never having kids at all. So he's going to double check that you want the same things he does. It's better for him to know now, than for him to find out the answer when his sister grills you at the dinner table. That's the bottom line. But before that, what are the signs that he is thinking about it?

I can tell when a guy is just looking to hook up. He'll come over to my house at 10 p. Sometimes, if he's feeling particularly generous, he might take me to the McDonald's drive-thru. So how can you tell if a guy is ready to make you his girlfriend? He Asks Questions If a guy is looking to do more than hook up, he'll actually care about what's going on in your life.

Imagine that: Bekker explains that if a guy is planning on making you his girlfriend, then "he asks questions about you, your life, upbringing, how you think and feel because he really wants to get to know you. When a guy introduces you to his friends, what does he mean by that? Does it mean that he really like you? Is he in love? Is he just wanting their opinion or to show you off? There are a lot of possibilities. In order to weed out the bullshit and figure out which questions are actual possibilities, I took the question to some guy friends of mine.

Here are their answers for why a guy would introduce you to his friends:

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