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Hook Up Car Tow Dolly

hook up car tow dolly

Share Watch this short video on how to load your car on a U-Haul car dolly. Are you looking to transport your vehicle? The U-Haul tow dolly allows you to easily load and tow a vehicle, whether for a cross-country move or for transporting a project car. Hook up car tow dolly specific vehicle towing combination will be validated during your reservation hook up car tow dolly again at the dispatch. You can check your desired towing combination online prior to completing the rental process. When towing a vehicle with rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive on a tow dolly, you must disconnect and secure the driveshaft.

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This carrier also includes an anti-tilt mechanism that helps prevent too much movement and wobbling while towing.

It also supplies a ramp to get the motorcycle onto the actual carrier. The average motorcycle weighs about pounds. Not heeding to these recommendations could cause damage to the motorcycle, your vehicle, and possibly other drivers around you. Using a tow dolly link to Amazon. You simply hook the front tire and always the front tire, never the back to the dolly with the back tire on the road.

The tow dolly offers a way to safely and securely tow your motorcycle while also saving space. The dimensions are about 3 feet by 2 feet-ish and it weighs no more than 35 pounds, giving you the freedom to store it away yourself with no help. The maximum load the tow dolly can carry is pounds meaning the weight of the entire bike, even though it is just the front of it weighing on the dolly.

Towing Straps: You should never haul any type of vehicle without using towing straps like these click here to view on Amazon. Towing straps are what keeps your motorcycle and vehicle safe during a transport. These straps in particular are high quality and have proven to be reliable with such vehicles. Never buy cheap straps. Connect the light's ground wire to the four-way wiring harness's ground white , using a butt connector. This connector works by placing two stripped wires in either end and compressing with pliers.

Connect the right signal wire to the green wire from the harness, the left signal wire to the yellow wire, and the taillight wire to the brown connection on the harness, using butt connectors. Wrap all of the connections in electrical tape, then hold them together and wrap the entire package.

Fasten the wires to the tongue with a cable tie. Tip Test the lights prior to heading out on the road. References Department for Transport: Working in sales, he was a technical writer tasked with responding to requests for proposal. White has a Bachelor of Arts in computer science and a diploma in home inspection. He has also worked in construction, landscaping and the pool industry for more than 15 years.

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