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Tweet What do you wear when you want to get laid? It's a more complicated question than it seems. For women and men, the line between an outfit that artfully shrugs, "This? Oh, this old thing? Call it a freakum dressa hook up dresses outfit, whatever—everyone has one.

People Show Us The Outfits They Wear to Get Laid - VICE

In this outfit? Oh my god Describe who I pulled I think I was too drunk to remember. I get incessant compliments about my jacket. It's become a bit of a sort of iconic symbol, though perhaps also some sort of fatal flaw. It follows me around everywhere. How effective is the outfit when it comes to attracting people? I'd like to say the person beneath the outfit is more effective at pulling! Why do you think it works?

I enjoy garish colours on my top half. Melanie, 24, Western Australia Describe who you last pulled in this outfit? It was in Chiang Mai walking market, and I was just walking past, and he was going to a gig later on and he invited me to join him, and that's what happened. It's colourful, it's playful, I think it's slightly reminiscent of the 60s, and just like a fun sort of casual vibe. Nice legs.

How effective is the outfit when it comes to pulling? Yeah, I do alright! Why does it work? I think something to do with the colours, and the free flow, it looks like I'm kind of an outgoing, I suppose potentially vivacious person It is short, which is a little racy, so it kind of I guess looks like I'm up for some fun.

I like the necklace. Patrick, 64, Australia Describe who you last kissed in this outfit? I was at a wedding in Italy recently and I was certainly attempting to pull a few people, yes. That it is very sharp and beautifully tailored, clearly Italian, many compliments. Well, I think for a man of my age, a sharp suit [and] a white shirt always works.

I don't know, the lightness of it? Or my initials; the shirt was made for me, like the suit, both fully made in Naples by my Italian tailor. Sophisticated women who appreciate beautiful clothes. Edwina, 24, Suffolk Describe who you last hook up with in this outfit? I last pulled a boy in Sierra Leone.

Cool but casual. People love my hair and they've said, "Nice skirt. Because it's cool but it's also quite trendy. Giant hoops. Who did you last successfully hook up with in this outfit? My current girlfriend about a year and a half ago. I don't really go for effectiveness when I wear this outfit, it's more of a sort of casual wear, and if it pulls, then fantastic.

So if a girl likes casual stuff, then that works for me. What's the one detail about this look that really makes it work? I wouldn't say it's too much of a centerpiece, but if I was gonna wear this or a slight variation of this it'd probably be the shoes.

Good-looking ladies, hopefully! Describe who you last pulled in this outfit? This should be a little secret but A stranger from the southwest of England. Spice Girl slash James Bond slash casual. Read more: Filthy Rich: I like the blue of the glasses, they're pretty one of a kind; the zips on the jacket do not work.

It's the whole thing! Describe who you last hooked up with in this outfit? My ex-girlfriend. The is the clothes that I like when I look on the internet. Lots of compliments!

The watch. Oxbridge graduates and St Martin's students. Pull the train up to the dress to determine where the train looks the best to make a bustle. Pin both the back of the dress and the train to mark where the hook and eye will be sewn. Also, you want the train to "drape" the back of the dress, so the eye will need to be attached at least three inches in from the end of the train.

Thread the needle with the appropriate color of thread, and tie a knot at the end of it. Both the hook and the eye will be sewn to the outside of the dress, so make sure that the color of the thread is the exact color or very similar to the color of the dress.

Place the eye onto the back of the dress where the pin is and hold in place. When you look at the dress, the eye should be facing down. Poke the needle through the dress starting in the inside of the dress , and pull the needle out the front of the dress and through the eye. Continue to repeat step 4 several times until the eye is securely sewn onto the dress. Finish the sewing by entering the eye a last time and pulling the needle through the inside of the dress.

Tie the thread into a knot. Place the hook on the train where the pin is. With the train laid across the floor and you facing the dress , the flat part of the hook should be down across the train and the actual hook will be raised facing the dress.

Thread the needle again, and tie it off. Poke the needle through the inside of the train and pull it out the outside through the hook. Circle around the hook, poke it through the outside of the train and pull it through the inside.

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