How To Change Single Profile Name In Facebook -

How To Change Single Profile Name In Facebook

How to change single profile name in facebook

Method 1: If this is your first time changing name on Facebook, it would be very easy. Just follow the given steps. Log in to Facebook account you want to change the name for. Click on the icon visible at top right of Facebook and then drop down naje will appear and select Settings option.

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Remember that you are performing this trick unofficially and Facebook can harm or change your name at anytime without any notification. Also, remember that this trick doesn't really 'hides' your last name. This tutorial will teach you how to have only the first name on Facebook. You don't really provide your last name to 'hide'. When you have a single name on Facebook using this trick, you will face some problems while using Facebook applications or while signing up on third-party websites using Facebook.

Suppose, the site you are signing up requires both first name and last name, then Facebook will provide the same first name as your last name. For example, if you have succeeded in having a "Michael" as your Facebook name, then while signing up such websites, you may get "Michael Michael" as your name on that website. This might look weird. If you are more concerned about your Facebook account, it is better not to perform this trick. To perform this trick, may need to access proxy websites.

Let me dive into the steps. Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and reach Account Settings. Step 2: Step 3: Now, you need to show Facebook that you are from Indonesia so that Facebook will believe as though you are an Indonesian.

To do this, land on the following link: Mostly, depend on recent proxies which has high speed and lifetime. Some of the proxy may not work but most proxies will work. Step 4: Step 5: Click on the LAN settings button. Step 6: Paste the Proxy address and Port which you got from the above link Step 3.

Note that you don't refer to the proxy address in the above screenshot. Always depend on a fresh and new Step 3. For most of us, that brand is none other than Facebook. It has become an integral part our lifestyles, and we tend to share our best or worst of moments or our thoughts with our friends and family with the help of Facebook.

With its numerous incredible features, it has become an irreplaceable site. With multifarious features, be it technical or social, Facebook has attracted a large number of developers who develop various tricks by finding bugs.

Officially, if you are not from Indonesia, then you are not allowed to make an account without Last name. It shows an error that blank space not allowed. Still, there are some ways by which you can make a single name account or hide your last name on Facebook. But before starting, keep in mind that Facebook follows a strict policy for name change relative to all other social media sites.

And since our procedure for changing name will be unofficial, hence Facebook can close your account or change your name without any prior information once it discovers your trick to change your name unofficially.

So, after knowing all the consequences, if you still want to change your name and make a single name account or hide your last name, then you can follow the steps given below. Method 1 Modifying Proxy Setting We'll start by modifying our proxy settings for the browser.

Add manual proxy settings in your browser. Since all the work will be manual, so we will have to choose Indonesian proxy. You can take help from proxynova. Now after the first step, check if it is working fine on Facebook.

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