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Many boys try to prove that they are clever and confident and start becoming oversmart that makes them in list of fool. Confident how reliable, trustworthy and efficient in your capabilities. Often boys ignore this things but this attitude ojline very important. Impress Her Friends -- When you are trying to impress or attract a girl your impression is very necessary not only to girl but also the indian online dating blogspot like her close friends, cousins and relatives. Be Naughty Sometimes - Naughty means mischievous sometimes tell her indian online dating blogspot are not well and you want her to come and see and than tell her that you were missing so much.


Less than a year later, they got engaged and are currently planning their wedding. Instead, she bit him; he bled and became ill. Barbara Hassan began online dating through Match. A year later, she felt bold enough to try online dating again — this time with great success. How did she bond with her now husband? They both shared their tales of being scammed by online paramours. When Gemma discovered her partner was cheating on her with women he met using the website Plenty of Fish , Gemma ended the relationship — and joined POF herself.

All this said, not everyone is thrilled with the sweet nerds they meet online. The Gathering Player. Do you prefer to leave love up to serendipity, or do you relish the opportunity for data to guide you on the way?

This post originally ran in October of Sex education is a luxury in a country where education itself is a privilege. The disparity between the education, health and mortality ratio between men and women is huge. Again, what can one expect when the gender ratio itself is a men for every of women in India, as per the census. In whatever form one is assaulted, what do you think happens when prejudice like this exists in society - does it get easier or more difficult to report a gender crime?

This piece is littered with trick questions. Women can join it too and then everyone can watch porn in the Parliament with glee. Why was she out so late? What was she doing with a boy? She asked for it. What took so long? What did she expect? Do folks that pose questions such as these ever read the paper? Do they know that infants are raped in India, as are grandmothers? Pre-teen girls are molested, as are women covered from head to toe in a burqa.

A sickness borne out of perverse conditioning, struggle for power and viewing the woman as a thing to be abused and disposed. There exist tips on how to deal with ongoing rape. To check, one would have to speak to rape survivors like the girl 5 year old girl with a slit throat left on the highway for dead.

Or shall we ask the young girls hanging from a tree in U. Not surprising, given the burden of shame society bestows. Why not shame the oppressor? Should he be behind bars or ever get a job again? Should he be allowed to function normally in society after paying off settlements? And again how about the very investigation of rape?

In this prevalent culture of victim shaming, does it get easy or more painful to report a gender crime? The navratras are a special time in the culture of our great country. Navratras also bring with them, the glorious garba in Gujarat and the Durga Pujo in Bengal. It is a sacred time when the Goddess is worshipped all over the country, in myriad forms and traditions. Coins would jingle in our pockets as we sprinted home. I was raised to feel equal, even special on some days.

Then I grew up. This year the onset of navratras was marked by women protesting sexual harassment in the BHU campus. Just like girls in Haryana who said they couldn't walk to school because they were harassed everyday, which explains the dropout rate. The protests turned violent, there was arson, the VC blamed the women who were beaten and a thousand have FIRs to their name.

The BHU issue was politicised , as I am sure some will this blog, as is practically all else these days including songs, students, movies, academicians, the army, language, awards, monuments, currency, cricket, tax, TV journalists-that-are-closet-actors, food, and even colour.

Mera orange, tera kya? Are you a Hindu? Did you pray to your Devi Ma these navratras? How are you not offended by atrocities committed every minute against women? The mother gives life. Mother Earth, Mother Nature…et al. What have we done to it?

Food for thought. Women in fact have to face a double whammy and become targets of the worst caste and religious atrocities. We live in a nation where women have to fight- to be born, then educated, then marry when and who they want, to have children or not to in most cases, while doing almost all of the house-work.

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