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Iphone Grindr Chat Gay

iphone grindr chat gay

Even with a paid subscription, the app is still a mess. Loading times are long. App bugs causing you to stay disconnected. It would be great if you could turn off iphone grindr chat gay option to constantly seek your location. Grindr is a BIG battery drainer, especially when the app insists on checking your location every time you open the app, even if you were just using it a few seconds ago.

‎Grindr - Gay chat on the App Store

On an app where you get a lot of rude, fake, and creepy profiles, I think blocking should be unlimited for ALL users. Also it is way too easy to create profile after profile after you get bared from using Grindr, which makes it easier for unwanted people to obtain information about or contact you. Take it as is this is a great app for the responsible user. Icons to indicate profiles are Xtra would be cool too. Make it welcoming for the newcomers and provide more helpful information about things users might need to educate themselves about.

And make it obvious that that feature is there. Still using Grindr today. We would consider it seriously in future updates. Please feel free to submit this suggestion to grindr. You will be losing paid users in droves.

You can tap the fire icon to alert guys that you're interested. You can also tap the message box to send a message, the star icon to favorite them, or the circle with the slash through it to block or report them. With an upgraded account, you can block or star as many profiles as you want. Chat options: Within Chat, you can type a message, send a photo, send a meme, and share your location. A paid account also enables you to send timesaving saved phrases, such as "Nice Profile!

How are you? Cons Annoying ads: If you don't upgrade to a premium account, then be prepared to have your experience interrupted by ads. Browse cleaner profiles with bigger photos. Chat and share private photos. Filter your search to find just the right match. Customize your profiles to better represent who you are. Star your favorite guys and block others.

Report guys quicker. Send your location and make it easier to meetCreate and personalize your profile to include your Grindr tribe, relationship status, what kind of guys you're looking for, and more. Within minutes you'll be ready to chat, connect and meet. Looking for even more? Grindr XTRA subscription features include:

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