Is Ryan Ross Still Dating Keltie Colleen -

Is Ryan Ross Still Dating Keltie Colleen

is ryan ross still dating keltie colleen

Is Ryan a terrible person? Is Keltie a terrible person? Who cheated on who? Who is really the victim here? Extremely long post ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

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He and Keltie jumped into a frenetic pattern of texting constantly and visiting one another whenever either one could manage a few days away from their responsibilities. This is what Keltie has to say about the first several days on end that they spent together: Being around him turned me into a silly year-old girl.

I felt a sense of camaraderie with the actual year-old girls who screamed during his concert. We stayed under the safe haven of our blankets, sharing secrets. When he left to fly to Europe, I stayed in bed. The sheets smelled like him. Everything he said and did was artistic. He never said I was pretty, but instead compared my face to the night sky. Dating him was like being the ingenue of one of my favorite Broadway musicals.

He spoke in the language of epic. Keltie was not to be deterred, though, and decided to spend her meager life savings to visit him in Brussels for Panic! She also accompanied them to their show in London the following day and stayed with them on their tour bus. Apparently, their lifestyle was not as sophisticated as Keltie had hoped for, but she persevered. As I boarded my plane home, I found a note inside my bag from [Ryan]: You are such an amazing girl, and I keep finding out reasons why.

She had some serious reservations because of how much she had been hurt in the past, but she ignored her gut and told him yes. It happened to be called The Dream. I might have gagged. I really liked [Ryan], but I had such terrible luck with boyfriends. I loved being together without any rules or titles. She knew that she would never truly understand Ryan and would ultimately break his heart, but this was not enough for her to call off their relationship.

Keltie used Ryan for emotional fulfillment and validation, and rationalized it to herself as merely wanting to take care of him. As you can imagine, when a relationship starts this badly, it only gets much worse with time. But of course, Ryan had no idea that Keltie was not being honest with him. He was ecstatic to have a girlfriend—so happy, in fact, that he started talking about her in public at every possible opportunity.

One notable example is when he mentioned her in Rolling Stone magazine: And here is a video interview from November where Ryan mentions that he has a girlfriend, starting at around 3: I think I was the only happy fan that day. To others, I was a ditzy cheerleader trying to get ahead in the business. Really, I was someone affected, introspective and falling in love. While walking down the New York City streets every day, his face greeted me from the covers of music magazines.

I bought them all to support him. I was in shock to even make it into the article. And unfortunately, there was a great deal of both in the Panic! There continued to be a startling inequality in their relationship, but they were nonetheless happy: We took pictures in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center.

We rode a carriage through Central Park. We went ice skating. It was such a wonderful time and it seemed unfair to the rest of the world that the two of us should have everything. We robbed the bank of happiness and kept all of it for ourselves. I knew I deserved it. I knew he did too. On Christmas morning, [Ryan] presented me with a beautiful gold locket from the s.

On the outside, he had it inscribed with one word: It was stunning. I refused to take it off my neck for the next three years. I gifted [Ryan] with the book How to Sing for Dummies. At the time, he was so much more in love with me than I was with him. I chose to keep it light and funny, and he went right to the lovey-dovey stuff. I think he was so kind because he was never sure where he stood with me.

I was so incredibly happy and told anyone but him. Keltie was still being reticent about her feelings for him, but this would soon change after a dramatic turn of events: His came to me on vintage card stock, pressed with a wax seal. The words of the letter were some of the sweetest I had ever heard, with statements about how he would never hurt me and how lucky he felt to be loved by me.

How he would never hurt me. Next I gave [Ryan] my present, a handcrafted memory box with pictures of us on the outside. So instead, I put a single piece of paper inside the box with three words: I love you. I felt awful. I gave him my heart. I was completely honest, open, and vulnerable. Being that it was two of the most famous scene queens dating two up-and-coming musicians with a flashy debut album, and on top of that being two pairs of best friends adorably dating one another, you can imagine that it created quite a splash online.

And although there is a lack of surviving photo evidence, there is a ridiculous amount of Livejournal evidence. Wed, Dec 21 the happiest i have been in a long time. NEXT seshes. UCLA knows ryan as tom oakes ps thanks tom. Unfortunately, something went wrong for all of these young lovers in February of No one knows what for sure, although there were rumors that Jac cheated on Ryan, and Audrey may have faked a miscarriage and STD. He was clearly worried about a separation—and little did he know, this would be the death knell of his relationship.

Jac also posted that day , quite possibly referencing their imminent breakup. Tue, Feb 14 baaaaallllsballsballs.

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