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Islamic University College Ghana Website Dating

islamic university college ghana website dating

It got full government accreditation two years later in It was one of the first private tertiary institutions in Ghana. This was made possible by the change in Ghana Government Policy in that made it possible for private participation in tertiary education. The foundation had had the idea of starting a tertiary education institute as far back as Islamic university college ghana website dating first batch of students was a cohort of 15 students enrolled in a two-year course on Islamic Theology. The course was intended for Muslim youth in Ghana signs you are more than a hookup promote higher moral standards. It is worth noting that the courses offered by the university are all accredited by the National Accreditation Board.

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The growth of the media sector in Ghana for both print media and broadcasting media has brought many opportunities for employment in this sector. The aim of this course is to train the students with the skills required to sustain a reliable media in Ghana. It is to ensure that its graduates go to work with the highest ethical standing to ensure the best output. The various options available are each targeted at a facet of industry that is experiencing dynamic growth and will require new individuals to prop up.

Graduates of this courses are all able to apply communication theories and concepts to the communication requirements they will have to facilitate whether rural, urban, governmental, traditional or modern sectors or on the global stage. The Islamic University College Ghana offers one more course in education; Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education The course runs for four years and upon completion of credits a degree is awarded.

The course is intended for; Graduates of Senior high schools that want to work in the education sector under the Ghana Education Service. Holders of a higher national diploma HND Individuals with a diploma in Early Childhood Education Holders of any diploma certificate are also qualified to take the course. The graduates are expected to teach children how to learn and understand.

The course also enforces total inclusivity of all persons without discrimination. These educators are to make education enjoyable for children by creating experiences that make them experience success and competence. The holder must have attained an aggregate of 36 or higher. A combination of both the above qualifications also gets you admission. Holders of certificates equivalent to high school qualification from both local and foreign institutions are eligible for application as well.

The following categories of applicants are eligible for admission into Level or Level second and third years after an interview to evaluate the applicants; Holders of professional certificates such as HND with a first class or second-class honors, ICA, CIM or others.

Mature applicants of at least 25 years are exempt from the above qualifications but will need to demonstrate ability for academic work and a minimum of three years working experience. The applicants in this category sit for the University Entrance Exam that tests English Essay, Comprehension and Grammar Usage , Mathematics and a General paper to evaluate critical thinking and current affairs knowledge. An interview will then be conducted to which a prospective candidate should bring a copy of their birth certificate and letters that will act as evidence of their first employment and their current occupations.

All foreign students are required to demonstrate English fluency and satisfy an equivalent of any of the above qualifications to be eligible for admission. Here is a precise step by step guide on how to apply for the September intake.

Note that the application deadline is on the 31st of August The last day for Direct-Entry applicants is 24th August Obtain the Application Form These can be found at Regional Post Offices countrywide, the university Administration Block and are available for download from the university website here.

Payments for applicants that downloaded an application forms should e made at the Ghana Commercial Bank. Payment should be made to the following accounts; Account Name: The completed application form must be submitted with the following attached to it; 4. All stated academic qualifications and result slips 5. The payment-slip for the application fee 6. Any other documents that have been requested for attachment in the application form. The completed form should be signed by the student and delivered by post or in person to the Academic Administration Department of the Islamic University College before the dates stated above.

Box CT, Accra. You can see the tutorial centers available here. Islamic University College Ghana fees structure can be found on their portal.. This is the only university in the list of Islamic universities in Ghana but it offers admission irrespective or religion or background.

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