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Jenta Trengte For En Natt Buskerud

Jenta trengte for en natt buskerud

Om bittet Utilizing various pressure points, Combination Bits offer simultaneous interaction of the mouthpiece, curb strap and noseband. When rein pressure is applied or released, the bit automatically disperses or releases pressure to the horse's mouth, chin, nose and poll. Because pressure is dispersed, the bits Jenta trengte for en natt buskerud succint and effective, yet very humane communication, allowing the rider to use less pressure than needed with a traditional bit. Rewarding the horse for staying light, the sliding mouthpiece offers encouraging "free play" before completely christian dating adelaide australia, making the Combination Bit an excellent training tool. With rein pressure, the purchase tilts forward, applying downward pressure on the poll. The curb strap sits high on the jaw, so to be closer to the rotational point of the second vertebrae or poll.

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When rein pressure is applied or released, the bit automatically disperses or releases pressure to the horse's mouth, chin, nose and poll. Because pressure is dispersed, the bits offer succint and effective, yet very humane communication, allowing the rider to use less pressure than needed with a traditional bit.

Rewarding the horse for staying light, the sliding mouthpiece offers encouraging "free play" before completely engaging, making the Combination Bit an excellent training tool. With rein pressure, the purchase tilts forward, applying downward pressure on the poll. The curb strap sits high on the jaw, so to be closer to the rotational point of the second vertebrae or poll. Curb pressure encourages the horse to rotate his nose downward and backward until the pressure is released, hence he relaxes at the poll.

The noseband applies downward and backward pressure over points on the nose. In response to the pressure, the horse will drop his nose down and back towards his center.

Rawhide noseband. The rein attachment is on the lower ring. Again, we wait outside. Henning then calls someone to spread gravel around the rest of Pentagon with a tractor.

This shelf houses spare light bulbs, smoke alarms and batteries, as well as miscellaneous things that are often replaced. Empty and clean out the lint from the dryers in the laundry room of Pomona.

We head off to Samfunnet to make copies of keys. Issue 03 Year 73 15 Tuntreet We drive to Eika sports center and check the ventilation in their boiler rooms. We sign off on four different logs, checking the radiator and other parts.

Then we head for the roof. I spend a couple of minutes trying to get over my fear of heights and with their support I finally manage to join them. He explains that the buildup of ice around it stops the water from draining. We drive to Skogveien to check the garbage containers. This was however not a problem this time. The problem seems to be more complex than expected.

As Henning 16 Issue 03 Year 73 begins to fix it, the canteen lady offers us banana bread. We notice he has some tattoos on his forearm, which we learn are of Mina, his daughter.

Very sweet, I thought. We stay for lunch. I ask whether people ever get fined for damages or broken things. If things get broken out of pure recklessness it might be the case, after a review. From the sound of it, it seems like shower parties and running water caused excessive damage when people were intoxicated.

The new shower knobs should prevent further damage of this nature. They sing songs they make up on the spot as they scrub the ceilings profusely. They tell me that often when they enter student collectives and rooms, they knock twice hard and say hello and no one answers. Lunch break is over and the employees get back to work. Only 4 teams showed up for the traditional volleyball-cup, but everyone had a great time in GG-hallen.

In traditional cup style, all teams played against each other, and the team with the most points after the 10 minute time limit ran out was the winner. In the end, team How I smashed your mother and Team Sunnfjord had the most points, and went on to the finale. Even though the players were the only ones who showed up for the cup this Sunday, there was a really good atmosphere in GG-hall.

But the answer was still a unanimous YES when asked if they had fun. Hopefully there will be more of a crowd next year! Matches Kamp 1: How I smashed your mother vs. Team Sunnfjord How I smashed your mother Kamp 2: Team Tripp Trapp vs. Team Sunnfjord vs. Team tripp trapp How I smashed your mother Kamp 5: Team tripp trapp Team Sunnfjord Kamp 6: Set 1: Who is Big Alf? What can Big Alf give to us? Is it poosible to make Alf for good vibes Translated By: Alicia Earnest The opportunity has finally come to learn more about the mysterious forening Collegium Alf!

But when I realized this, I just became more confused. Who is Collegium Alf? Alf for good vibes with Collegium Alf finally gave me my answer. They had actually only practiced for 5 hours before the show.

Alfso, they had a vors beforehand. How much of a show can you actually make in 5 hours, including drinking, with a goal of making Alf for good vibes? It was full of too much Kahoot, chugging, and dry, flat jokes. But it went by quickly and everyone was having fun.

The only thing that could seem like a common thread was the solid accordion playing by Lars Raaen, Snow white as a model and companion for the seven Alfs and horrible jokes. Some of the jokes went a bit over the top, but others were funny. Some skits received mixed reactions from the audience, but they ended off on a pedophilic priest joke, which was quite funny.

Everyone loves a good sing-along song. You just have to lower your expectations a bit when sitting in the audience of teamAlfste. Even though I still left the show a bit confused and disappointed, they definitely spread good vibes. Alf in Alf, I was entertained. It was actually pretty impressive of Collegium Alf. The Either way, creds to Collegium Alf for coming up with something like this, that was cool.

They showed up to a fully packed room at Samfunnet to share their joyful, creative songs, including dance moves and costumes read: They received a standing ovation and chants for an encore song which it was unclear whether or not they had prepared for. The first thing that stood out to the audience was the somewhat serious, yet also confusing uniforms. Or more specifically: From the first note — after the choir had organized themselves — from a somewhat failed attempt to get the different tone groups to harmonize with each other, it Translated By: Which — as much as I could understand the messages — were relatively non-pretentious and very creative.

The choir went through the songs in their repertoire such as Bananahatar bananas will never be the same after that , and Naturen meaning nature, which will also never be the same for me , as well as other strange songs with quite surprising lyrics and meanings. The conductor — who was quite entertaining himself — waved his arms and legs in an attempt to conduct the choir, which he managed to do for the most part.

All in all it seemed that the choir had a lot of respect for his authority and tried hard to follow his directions. Musically, the concert was really good. The harmony was very impressive for an amateur choir, with everything from the soprano singers to the bass group which, by the way, had some interesting lines throughout the performance. A monologue in the middle of it all — which was recited quickly and with a joyful reaction from the audience — was also a creative addition.

I must admit that I only understood a fraction of what the speaker performed. Of course, what else would it be? I was ready to interview three people who are directly involved with the planning digital exams.

Amongst these three was one person from IT, and two from the study department. And something magical happened: I was converted, I got hope, and the future seemed brighter. They are working on improving solutions, and making sure that the things that happened to me never happen again.

Digital exams began as a trial project in fall , where 50 students participated voluntarily, and this past Christmas, out of exam responses were digital. This coming May that number will be TF, Aud. There are a lot more logistic concerns that go into holding digital exams than exams with paper. This is one of the reasons to take the process slowly.

Other evaluation types are being considered than just a final exam as well. Course responsible were very impressed and recommended it to their colleagues. Teachers say that this is something that has gotten worse over the past few years because students handwriting is uglieir. Other aspects that professors liked were that they could work on grading tests wherever, without having to carry pages with them.

But they also 20 Issue 03 Year 73 agree that the option to draw must be better. They would also like for other tests and complaints to be handled digitally. IT is gearing up, they are buying more rentable computers. I get the impression that our system is more practical than the one at Blindern.

There, they have to set up huge computer rooms which is only used during exams. Here we can use our own computers, and the webpage works in a way that can detect cheating. They are also working on making it possible to use programs like Excel or Python on exams when necessary. The short term goal is to make all subjects have digital exams wherever possible.

Math and Physics subjects will be able to keep having paper exams. Long term goals including introducing new digital forms of evaluation, which will open the possibility for new subjects. When I left this meeting I was outright hopeful. Maybe if people learn that this will be a better solution for all, and I now understand why we are doing this.

I have been saved, in the name of the student, the evaluator, and the holy WISEflow. Earlier, it was possible to apply to take digital exams instead of paper exams if you had a medical need, and now that rule has been reversed so that you can only write on paper if you can prove a medical need.

Maren Oftebro We love that Samfunnet is being used; think about all the fun that happens. The smell of festivity sticks to the walls and when in an important Samfunnet-meeting with Kondomeriet, you may recall the events that occured in that one corner that night. Not only smells, but memories and stories are in these walls. Free food, come on - nothing is better than when your grant is getting low after last party night. We all remember the last party night when the person ahead of you in the line was caught with alcohol in their pants.

How stupid! Alcohol licensing is nice to keep at a place like Samfunnet; it makes it pos- sible for you to buy a cool blue drink in Johannes or a tasty beer in the Bodega. Make that party happen, and do not bring alcohol into Samfunnet, we want to continue the festivities.

Lucky, we think! Have you heard about the international student who wanted karaoke? By the work of enthusiastic people, Samfunnet continues to thrive. This is what committees make sure of, and that international student; karaoke is now on the semester program for spring Have you heard about the committee members who work hard for you to enjoy the best night possible with your fellow students? Welcome to Samfunnet, every day!!! Congratulations, Samfunnsstyret — GF crashes with the Student parliament for the second time in two years.

Not impressed The Student Parliament happens three times each semester. General Assembly GF happens one time each semester. It is and should be of interest that these two events do not crash and people are able to attend both.

Not impressed to see that they do collide again this spring, after it already happened in the Translated By: Maren Oftebro fall of Samfunnsstyret and the working committee of the Student Parliament both say they are working together to make sure this does not happen again. They probably said that one and a half years ago as well. Translated By: The seminar is an annual tradition, arranged by NMBU students with people from all over the country.

She was in the program committee for Energiseminaret in , and insisted then that he should not be invited. Now-Platforming by Opinion Opponents? Ingrid agrees that it is completely irrelevant what a lecturer thinks about other issues besides energy, and says she is strongly against so-called now-platforming by opinion opponents. She refers to how such exclusion has been an unfortunate trend at certain universities in other countries. Together they announced that on the 6th of March they would hold a protest if the invitation was not revoked.

As a response to this, the leader of Studentsamfunnet and ex-board member in 22 Issue 03 Year 73 Gunnar S. He expressed that this protest was wrongly placed, that it would be unfortunate for the initiative, volunteer work and motivation of many students. Why he rejected the invitation, people can speculate for themselves, says Ingrid. She herself thinks the important part is not whether or not he came, but that a protest almost happened.

Is it even right to take the law into your own hands, and when should such a prosecution end? An important principal of jurisdiction is then that criminals should be allowed to return to society. It does not say he should have a spot in the elite of politicians.

She also underlines that nobody has gone to the extent of prosecuting him in private life. We are not taking the law into our own hands, this is democracy in practice. It is important to make your views towards the law public in order to to change it. It could seem that the seminar was burdened by the aforementioned discussions, but in the end the guests where left with what they usually expect to get out of this seminar — deeper insight into challenges and possibilities in the energy sector.

In these times of false news and subjective truth, we humble reviewers with only scarce words as our means, will attempt to paint an objective, rightful and truthful picture of the event as it really happened.

The overwhelming visual impression of these fierce guys made several in the audience let out longingful cries, spasms and hysterical laughter, in a half-hearted attempt to try to control their feelings.

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