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She was asked to show her passports so the police could check if she was Lao national. As soon as you get outside the bigger cities of Laos there is nothing but small villages where people live in huts. Most roads are gravel, and not asphalt. I saw a lot of beautiful woman out of my bus window but dating them would be impossible because of Lao Family Law.

These people live in small communities where everyone knows everything about each other. Let me give you an example: Everyone was constantly talking with people on their phones talking about stuff that is happening around them. So if you ever tried to date a girl outside the bigger cities, everyone would know it instantly.

If you absolutely want to date Lao girls in Laos the capital Vientiane would be your best spot in my opinion, but you have to be very careful as many hotels will call the authorities on you as soon as you enter your hotel room with a Lao chick. Vientiane Mekong promenade in Vientiane Vientiane is the city in Laos you will have the most luck dating Lao girls.

Here you will find Lao girls that can speak English, are open minded, Westernized and educated. Still, you have to be careful as you never know if the girl can be on team with the local authorities. Set-ups do happen unfortunately. A lot of Lao girls was hanging out around the Mekong promenade around sunset time.

Girls would sit for themselves playing with their phone, reading a book or just watching the sunset. I guess hooking up with some of them would be very possible if you found one that talks a little bit English. Check out nightlife guide for Vientiane here. Coming soon 3: Not an option This article from the China Morning Post writes it as if the girls scam their husbands, but I found dozens of resources that write about the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of Laotian and Cambodian women who married Chinese men.

The girls look similar and they have the same dream: Marrying a Western man! Why do you think so many Isaan girls do everything to date a Farang? They believe in the tales They believe that foreigners can support them and their children. They believe that foreigners treat them better than the local guys. They believe that foreigners are more loyal.

The women in Laos believe in the same tales and they believe in them even stronger. Women from Laos Want a Better Life for Themselves and for Their Children Is it really so hard to understand why these two girls ended up working in a bar? They had no other choice. They both want children. But they first need a husband. If I were you, I would join this Asian dating site instead of looking for a Laotian girlfriend in one of the bars.

The last time I checked, I could find more than female members from Laos. One of the girls had the same experience. There is no dating scene in Laos. Normally, Asian Dating is probably the best site.

Many are lazy riverside bars along the Mekong but there are a few upmarket establishments that local Laos girls go to. Here are the best bar in Laos easy to find a girl: Nightclubs in Laos There are numerous clubs in Vientiane, and they have a tendency to close at 3 a. You also need a taxi to get to them as they are not really walking distance from downtown Vientiane.

A tip for the men that Laos girls in clubs are easy to approach and if you want to chat with them, invite a glass of wine and you can use all their time.

The clubs where most of the hookers go to pick up tricks, they are easy to recognize and if you want to take one off, there is not a problem as they are all freelancers.

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