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Liv will truly bring linear TV into the online space free local sex dating a way that livingtv co uk dating beyond anything currently available. Liv will be accessed through leading websites and social media platforms from all corners of the web through a host of strategic syndication partnerships that will extend the LIVING brand fully outside of the digital TV space for the first time. Liv will launch with a brand new twice daily celebrity news show commissioned from production company Rockabox. The show, Liv for gossip, livingtv co uk dating bring viewers the hottest celebrity news first in the UK thanks to a ground-breaking content deal with Big Pictures which gives the channel a 12 hour exclusive window for their global video footage from LA, to Sydney, New York to London. Further content pillars are currently in development. ™ The Leading Free Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals

Can Joe overcome his nerves at finally meeting his ultimate fantasy to uncover what really makes her tick? And after a week together, travelling the globe, will she end up loving the cheeky chappie from north London or loathing him?

Just how important is aesthetic attraction when it comes to achieving emotional intimacy? Is attraction all in the pheromones? We will be putting paid to these theories as we offer singletons a totally unique way of meeting that special someone — in total darkness. Forget internet dating, this is guaranteed to be the latest trend in meeting a new partner that really puts the blind into blind date! Each episode three men and three women, all single and looking for love, will live in separate apartments within a specially designed house, only meeting each other in a dating room which is kept in pitch darkness: With viewers following the action via state of the art infra-red cameras, our lovebirds will need to use all their senses to help them decide which of the daters is their perfect match.

Will the pheromones kick in? Will a husky voice swing it? Will personality shine through and prove that true love really is blind? At the end of each episode our lonely hearts will pick the person they most want to date and that person will be revealed in the light for the first time.

But will that mere 10 seconds of visual revelation strengthen or dilute their initial attraction? If they still want to go ahead with the date they either turn up in the library to prove their love — or walk away. Following the runaway success earlier this year of The Hoff: They will put their lives on the line and brave possibly the most haunted location on the planet-Poveglia.

Plague, death, and insanity are the watchwords of this tortured little Venetian island. Think Come Dine With Me, but for weddings. Weddings to remember are guaranteed, but will it be a big day of delight, or matrimonial misery? Whilst one of the four couples heads up the aisle, the other three will be watching in envy or outrage, as they set about scoring the service and judging the festivities.

Everything is under contention, with dresses, venues, catering and presentation praised or pitied by the eager to impress couples, all vying to stage the winning wedding. Also, a new panel of esteemed judges joins the series, including world-renowned designer Catherine Malandrino, model Jenny Shimizu, famed photographer Perou and international model scout Marlon. Dating in the Dark In an attempt to find out if inner beauty is really as important as everyone likes to pretend, LivingTV devised a format in which singletons meet one another for a date in a pitch-black studio to see if they click without the distraction of appearances getting in the way.

Does it work? What do you think? Essentially, all Gavin had to do was meet all of these women and decide which one he liked best. Blind Date Where would this list have been without Cilla and Our Graham, whose wholesale rip-off of The Dating Game is still the yardstick by which all other romance-fests are judged? Notable mainly for its crowbarred-in sub-Carry On innuendo and crushing sense of disappointment, Blind Date was nevertheless an institution that lasted for nearly 18 years.

Needless to say, few of the romances concocted on the show survived for anywhere near that amount of time… 6. Beauty and the Geek A mutual cramming session for ladies who know more about mascara than microbiology and gents whose intellectual achievements far outweigh their romantic ones, this US import lasted only one season in Blighty, but what a series it was.

Farmer Wants a Wife For those rural souls who dream of teaching a city lass the workings of their muck-spreader and townie girls who yearn for the great outdoors, what could be better than this format? Would Like to Meet A break from the norm, this one, in that it featured a gaggle of experts transforming a misfit singleton into a red hot Casanova or Casanovette.

What becomes of the broken hearted?

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