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Muslim Dating Event London

muslim dating event london

December 9, Snapshots of British Islam 3: On the poster installed at the entrance of the room, one can read: Get Married! Mirzan Raja, the organiser, muslim dating event london run the Islamic Circle for the past 12 years. He is a year-old father matchmasters dating scripts two, born in England from Indian Muslim parents.

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Are convert Muslims okay to attend? Those who are born into Islam and those who have converted, Sufi, Shia, Sunni or non practicing and wherever on the spectrum of practising or not - we welcome you all.

We feel there is enough division in the world already and our focus is to create love, unity and a fun environment for everyone. How do we exchange details with others on the day? Should you choose to exchange contact information with each other we encourage you to do so directly.

If you prefer to have us act as an in between way we are also happy to facilitate this - we have both male and female hosts on the day. Can I buy a ticket on the door? We would advise booking in advance but we do have a few reserve spaces for on the door sales. Why is this open to both dating and marriage intentions? We respect that some attendees may want to marry sooner than others and are intentionally meeting for that purpose.

He is a year-old father of two, born in England from Indian Muslim parents. Mirzan has been a board member of a shariah council a while back: However, match making, even under an Islamic framework, remains controversial: Mirzan admits receiving regular threats from Muslims who consider his activity haram illicit and contrary to Islam.

No later than last week, an angry woman spat at him during the marriage event he organised in the context of the Global Peace and Unity conference at ExCel. Nevertheless, the popularity of his events has not ceased to grow as the continuous flow of participants entering the room on this early Sunday afternoon testifies. Mirzan sites various reasons for this: We need to have a Muslim Spring in England: He now organises special events for converts, Muslims over 40s, students, converts, professionals, Asian, Arabs, Bangladeshi…and with the rapidly growing presence of the French, now special events have been launched for them too.

Two brothers from Mauritius, a Senegalese man the only black visitor and a majority of British and French of North African origin. But as a pragmatist businessman, social entrepreneur and activist these are the terms he uses to describe himself he simply decided to answer the demand. Some lines attract my amused attention: The best starting point is to recognise that you are a humble servant of Allah who is attending the event because you, like all the other participants, are looking for a spouse, and therefore want to behave in the best of manners.

It is important to recognise that finding a suitable spouse is a massive problem for Muslims today. It has to be addressed practically, not just through lectures and seminars about the fiqhi juristic nature of marriage and the ideal scenario. We hope that the marriage event will be a humble product of this. It will take time for us to fully understand them but they can only improve if people participate in them, take them seriously, facilitate their organisation, and provide constructive feedback.

No, this is entirely your choice. Prayer facilities will be provided at the venue. Such events will continue being organised until masjids, Islamic groups, community elders and other married people start organising them. Participants gradually fill the room. A mother scans men with an air of disapproval: Much too old for my daughter! I see passing before my eyes a carnival of colourful hijabs.

But uncovered women are also present, as well as men wearing jelaba with long beards or more mainstream blue jeans or suits. The dress code goes from the most conservative to the latest Islamic or simply metropolitan chic.

Visitors are given a number as they register so that anonymity is preserved. Mirzan, who acts as the master of ceremony, wears a traditional shalwar kamiz and an Islamic cap on his head. With his outspokenness, his occasional use of swearwords and relaxed attitude, he appears to me as a strange mix of an imam and a suburban businessman.

During this 15 minute presentation, illustrated by power point slides flashing on a screen, participants will learn where and how to search for a spouse, how to write an effective profile of themselves, how to dress and present themselves to the opposite sex, as well as how to establish communication with a potential partner.

Mirzan wants to make it clear to everyone: Registration is at 6: Please Note: Any customers arriving once the introductions have started will be unable to participate in the event. And upon any matches and at your wish we can pass on your contact details. We aim to have your matches to you within hours. We will check every participant prior to the event and also advise you to verify their personal information to your own satisfaction.

Please do apply the same level of caution when contacting a fellow guest that you would use when making any new acquaintance. We will not give out any of your personal information without your express permission, unless the law requires us to do so.

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