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Nate Dating Gossip Girl

nate dating gossip girl

At one point, our main man Nate had both Blair and Serena fighting over him, but in the end, he datong up flying daating. I totally feel you, Nate. Despite being single in the finale, there was no denying that Nate Archibald was a total catch. He was charming, a great friend, and I mean, just look at how much of Gratis Dejtingsajter Sexs O hunk he was. We could stare into his dreamy eyes all day long Nate dating gossip girl was nothing Nate could do about Blair and Chuck being undeniable soulmates, and Serena and Dan being the epitome of true love.

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It totally worked, because not only did they make Catherine insanely jealous, but they were also making us jealous with how cute they were together. That steamy kiss will always have a special place in our hearts. Just look at how playful and fun Nate was with Serena, and try not to smile. You'll fail. I think many of us can agree that Nate would be the perfect boyfriend to make us feel better when we're not feeling our best. He was such a good friend to her.

Then, he admitted that he wanted to tell her that he loved her at the masked ball, and all of our hearts literally skipped a bit. Too bad Tripp had to come into the scene and ruin it. They ended up kissing in the snow, and we were all wishing we were in Blair Waldorf's shoes at that very moment.

Nate knew how to pull out all the stops like a romantic comedy, and this was the final grand gesture. After they realize how much they do like each other, they plan to come out as a couple at the Sotheby's Art Auction.

They walk the carpet together and get photographed kissing. The next day, Bree catches up with Carter Baizen and tells him her family is still looking for revenge after what he did to them. She explains that she's headed home to see them, and they'll more than likely be in touch soon The Lost Boy.

While they eat, Carter comes up and Bree excuses herself to make a phone call. Chuck follows, learning that Bree is looking for Carter for a reason. She asks him to find out where he'll be and let her know. They date on and off for the first few books, but break up officially in Nobody Does It Better when Blair sees him having sex with Serena.

She forgives him for sleeping with Serena, due to her being happy with her new boyfriend, Lord Marcus. This causes Nate to become jealous of their relationship because of his lingering feelings for Blair.

Eventually, Nate professes to Blair that he loves her more than he ever loved Serena. However, he ends up with neither Serena or Blair as he leaves to travel on a boat to avoid becoming in between the two. Blair hears that Serena is back in the city and tries to have sex with Nate for the first time before he finds out. However, he discovers that she is before they can do it. A few days later, Blair again tries to have sex with Nate but when he comes over, he admits to her that he already lost his virginity to Serena before she skipped town.

Shocked, Blair kicks Nate out of her penthouse. Soon after, she decides to forgive him and ice Serena out instead. At the Kiss on the Lips party, she orders him not to talk to Serena and he agrees; but is annoyed that she is telling him what to do.

She agrees and they make plans to excuse themselves. However, Chuck decides to help Blair consummate her relationship with Nate by giving her a key to his suite to seal the deal. Blair brings Nate to the suite but is surprised to find Serena there waiting for him. Jealous that they were planning to meet up, she goes down to tell Serena's new boyfriend Dan that she slept with Nate. Later, Nate tells Blair that she either needs to forgive him for what he did or end things. She chooses to forgive him and stay together.

At the masquerade ball in The Handmaiden's Tale , Blair enlists Serena's help to pull off a scavenger hunt for Nate, where his prize is having sex with her. Serena agrees to help but at the ball, the last thing on Nate's mind is the game. At the end of the night, he mistakes Jenny Humphrey for Serena and admits to her that he still has feelings for Serena before kissing her. In Victor Victrola , Blair hears from her mother, Eleanor Waldorf , that Nate is planning to give her his great grandmother's diamond ring.

Soon after, she learns from Jenny about what happened at the masquerade ball. During a dinner with her mother, Nate, and Anne and Howard Archibald , she tries on the ring against her wishes.

Later that night, Blair witnesses Howard punching Nate in the face and being arrested. She confronts Nate about his feelings for Serena right after, then asks if he loves her. When he doesn't answer, she breaks up with him. That night, she loses her virginity to Chuck. On Blair's seventeenth birthday in Seventeen Candles , she hopes that Nate will reverse his decision to distance himself from her and doesn't tell anyone they're broken up.

Meanwhile, Nate is dealing with the recent scandal involving the arrest of his father for fraud and embezzlement. Not wanting her family to suffer anymore, Anne asks him to get back with Blair to secure Eleanor's support through the scandal.

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