Online Dating Red Flags Reddit -

Online Dating Red Flags Reddit

online dating red flags reddit

Internet romance? These are red flags that he's going to be soul-sucking IRL. Jul 21, Getty Images 1. His other social media profiles are really private. You're really hitting it off, but the dude is basically a ghost. No Instagram, no Twitter, no Facebook.

Online dating red flags reddit

Is he Batman? He is not Batman. You get a text that seems like it was meant for someone else. Either he's being really forward with you or that "thinking of you" text was only sent to you because he wasn't paying attention. He sends 15 texts in a row when you don't respond right away.

You didn't respond to the first five? Time to send nine more just to make sure you're not missing them. If he's this … attentive now, just wait until you meet in person. He avoids personal lines of questioning. You're probably hoping he has a sexy, checkered past. Maybe he was a spy or something. In reality, he just doesn't want you to find out about his DUI. He makes every text into a sext. He knows better than to explicitly text, "I m so horne," or ask for pictures of your breasts, but he's always steering the conversation in a sexual direction.

He's always "at the gym" or "just getting out of the shower. At least, that's what he wants you to do. There's no way anyone showers or lifts that much, bro. He flakes out on plans last-minute. You've had plans to meet up on multiple occasions, and something always happens. Either his mom gets sick or he gets a flat tire or his mom gets sick again.

Bailing twice might be an unfortunate coincidence. Bailing eight times means he's hoping you'll send him nude pictures without him ever having to actually meet you.

He tries to impress you with humblebrags. He's always complaining about the long hours he works, but he makes really good money, so it's OK. He needs money for all those vacations he takes. Maybe you can go with him sometime. People are always checking him out when he walks down the street, but he hates the attention. Everyone likes to talk themselves up when you first meet them, but he really forces conversations in odd directions just to get the chance to make himself look cool.

He leads off with a dick pick. Even if it's a really pretty dick, the odds that this guy is going to be a good husband are slim to none. There's no future here. He calls you "baby" within his first three messages. Unless you are actually a giant baby, Benjamin Button-style, there's no reason for some guy you don't know to call you that.

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