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Quiz Kennenlernen

Quiz kennenlernen

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German 2 Year Outline and Review

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We learn a lot in this course. We are learning German. Lernen in Past Participle The past participle, or in German das Partizip II, is a form of the verb which will be used to build some compound tenses like the perfect or passive, but also to build adjectives.

We will take a look at how to build the past participle and some of the most common ways to use it. The past participle of regular verbs will be made by adding the prefix 'ge-' in front of the verb and the suffix '-t' at the end of the stem.

Since the verb lernen is a regular verb, it will follow these rules: Let's see some of the different ways we can use this verb form.

Perfekt The most important use of the past participle is probably to build compound tenses, and the most used one is the perfect tense. It is a compound tense that is made of two parts. The first part is the auxiliary verb haben or sometimes sein, and the second part is the past participle of the main verb. So the perfect tense of the verb lernen will look like this:

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