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Real Housewife Dating A List Actor

real housewife dating a list actor

The Real Housewives of Splitsville! A running list of Housewives divorces since the show aired. Troy Turner Houewife 28, So, which Real Housewives are divorced? As of today: That number only includes splits that occured after they were Housewives. Given her history, our money is on LuAnn!

The Ultimate Real Housewives Divorce List | Taste of Reality

According to an article written by The New York Times, this was done in an effort to hide from the Greek government in fear of higher taxes. In one scene, cast member Orthoula visits her brother who does not allow the camera crew to film his backyard and show his pool, in fear of accusations of tax evasion. Never-the-less, it looks like Andy Cohen dropped the ball on this one.

These Vancouver housewives were two seasons of plastic surgery, trips to Whistler B. Premiering in April, , the series got off to a good start, despite little publicity and no recognizable wives to draw the viewers' attention.

The 2-hour premiere still managed to achieve the record of highest-rated premiere for the Slice network, with 1. However, as the series moved on to season two, the numbers dropped and the lack of drama stifled viewership. In the meantime, the women are busy suing one another for anything ranging from defamation and libel. There is a Real Housewives of Israel and yes, it is everything you would imagine.

The series began in , but was initially cancelled after its first season due to lack of interest; Me'usharot which translates to rich women was brought back in , to a much pleased audience. It is an abundance of big hair, lots of self tanner and malicious cat fights. Although, It is not officially a part of the American franchise, it carries similar traits of the original series; women who are either successful on their own merit, or women who married into money.

A season three was ordered which is rumored to include a few men in the role of housewives. Originally only airing in the United Kingdom, it had such a warm reception that Bravo began airing season one in August The season was jam-packed with drama that was not hard to miss; accusations of seeing dead grandmothers, rubbing self tanner on cast mates bathroom walls and wearing Gucci high heels on grade A AstroTurf.

However, the successful, yet messy theatrical performances paid off; they were picked up for a second season and even added two new women to the mix. Season two started filming in August and is set to premiere early Well, let me also mention that if you are lucky enough, or better yet, look hard enough and find the version with subtitles, you are in for a treat!

No wonder Clooney did her for a year. This just seems like the most random match. There isn't a lot of information about their relationship, but Carole said in another episode , "We dated a million years ago … we dated, literally, during the Eisenhower administration.

Ralph Fiennes Clooney isn't the only actor who Carole has dated. Apparently she had a summer romance with Ralph Fiennes. Once again, she was a little vague about the romance, but she did share some information with Us Weekly: However, she did emphasize that the book was not about their relationship. She told Us, "Our relationship was not the basis for a story line in my novel.

But like most fiction, stories are a pinch of the writer's experience and a part their imagination. Russ Irwin is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has put out his own music in addition to working with Aerosmith , Foreigner, Meatloaf, Stone Temple Pilots, and Clay Aiken.

The two broke up in Spring and they both channeled the split into writing; he wrote songs and she incorporated it into her novel. Anthony Radziwill Well of course this name is on the list. Without him, we wouldn't be able to call her Radzi. Frankel was actually in the very early stages of her first pregnancy and stated that she wanted to pose for the campaign since she is a reformed fur wearer herself.

Frankel explained that she changed her fur wearing ways after she saw a PETA protester holding up a skinned animal. Since that day she cleaned out her closet, removing anything with an ounce of fur on it and has vowed to never wear it again. The photograph features Zolciak with duct tape over her mouth and female areas with NOH8 written on her cheek. She said it was her goal to pose topless for the campaign in order to make a loud statement about equal rights. McCord's nude photos were the talk of the season three "Real Housewives Reunion" and McCord stated that she had the photos taken in order to celebrate how a new mom can be in such great shape.

However, there have been reports from Gawker stating that the photographer that took the photos actually took them for McCord to submit to Playboy.

McCord also had other nude photos surfacing and many were claiming that she wanted them leaked online in order to boost her celebrity status. Judge posed with lesbian friend, Frenanda, who appeared on the Real Housewives for a few episodes.

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