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It must not to be accessed by anyone under realfaction newgrounds dating realfacrion of 18 or the age of consent in the jurisdiction from which it is being accessed. I am over age 18 realfaction newgrounds dating old, and I have the legal right to possess adult material in my community. I will not permit any person s under 18 years of age to have access to any of the materials contained in this site. I am datijg with the rules governing the viewing or possession of sexually oriented materials as defined by my local jurisdiction. I dating sim rpg ps3 games not find images of nude adults, adults reafaction in sexual acts, or other sexual material realfaction newgrounds dating be offensive or objectionable. I will exit from this site immediately if I am in any way offended by the sexual nature of any material.

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Seeing as it's become a part of their search engine on smartphones, not only can they catalog what's playing on your radio; they can even police the permanent-marker mixtape that one wannabe rapper friend played in your car, at least, once it starts recognizing the same samples the mainstream hiphop producers are so fond of.

With this software, Google has officially become dangerous, and the prospects are terrifying. If you doubt that, let's take a moment to appreciate how easy it is for Big Brother to listen to your private conversations via your iPhone, even when it's off.

Google's audio search uses the same hardware when prompted, and it wouldn't be much of a stretch for them to do the same thing some day, probably citing something like "market research" to cover their tracks someone ever discovered. After all, the government is able to get off scot free by citing "national security", despite many of their targets being law abiding citizens who just happen to be a little mouthy about the absolute bullshit the government has been doing for years.

Patriot Act anyone? Considering they already sell the information contained in your emails to ad peddlers and track everywhere you go, it's not much of a stretch.

Chew on that while you listen to Britney Spears on speaker. That's a big question, but it's one that's been on the table for a long time.

We're only now just starting to see the answer clearly. So, what's in our future? Copyright infringement complaints, most likely. Ridiculous amounts of copyright infringement complaints. On everything. This news post will probably be in line for an automated DMCA because it mentions Britney Spears and CocaCola, actually, and has the word "coffee" in it.

If you need proof beyond a reasonable doubt and a couple more reasons to grind your teeth, take a look at this article on very real, very stupid automated DMCA abuse, which I suspect we may be facing at this very moment, and keep in mind that if a few very big entities like Warner Bros and Total Wipes get caught, it's highly likely a lot more are doing it. What you're about to see here is just two repeat offenders of many from Google's transparency report, and there's undoubtedly more around the world.

Not everyone goes public with this kind of stuff. Total Wipes, which represents international labels, stated in an email to Ars Technica that the recent notices were the result of a bug in their automated anti-piracy script. But the bug is only part of the problem. Sending automated notices, without human review, is itself an abuse of the DMCA takedown process. The article goes on to detail the extent of the abuse, and some of the most ridiculous offenses.

Seeing ridiculous takedown requests from Total Wipes is nothing new. Of course, nearly limitless riches protect Warner and Total Wipes from nearly any who would bring charges against them. They need to be anti-trusted, imo. And according to the Chilling Effects database—which collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests for removal of online materials in an effort to help Internet users know their rights and understand the law—Total Wipes sent Google over 12, takedown requests in the last month alone.

Supposedly, someone is supposed to review DMCA claims before any action is taken, but that isn't always the case, and they usually get away with it anyway. Due to the lack of human review, automated takedown notices often result in censorship of perfectly legal content. And many other sites automatically take down allegedly infringing content upon receipt of a notice, even when the notice is clearly bogus.

Of course, unwarranted takedown requests would not subject a service provider to monetary liability, but not all service providers undertake even the moderate level of effort that Google does to assess whether content complained of should actually be taken down. Why does this happen? If it weren't obvious already, the media policing, money hoarding brigade doesn't like competition, so it seeks to remove it at every turn. At the same time, it doesn't like sharing its profits or waiting around to find actual instances of copyright infringement, so it uses bots instead.

This results in a ton of headache for victims at best and legal action at worst, maybe even termination of the targeted site s. Rather than get shut down under the sheer weight of copyright crap the labels are now so aggressively pursuing, seemingly without reason, we updated our policies not only to keep copyrighted content off of our servers but also to save users the headache of submitting content only to have it removed for copyright infringement now that corporations have caught on.

That's well and good for keeping NG's butt out of the fire, but it really screws with older users like me, who didn't exactly have an advance warning before our submissions were taken down. You heard me right. Some of my old submissions have been removed for violating a new policy forced into existence by some greedy corporate assholes. I don't even have backups for them, meaning that's a good couple hours of my life lost for no reason other than a record label wasn't getting.

Speaking of, check out that link. It's lit. Recently, TomFulp asked me to replace the copyrighted music in Pico's School he could sadly no longer use, by making a new soundtrack for it. Don't hesitate: Hope you'll enjoy the update and thanks for playing! Go to Steam! Operation Zero successfully greenlit! Operation Zero has been successfully greenlit! Now I just need to finish developing it. Hope you'll enjoy it after the release and thank you all for your support! Operation Zero needs your support on Steam Greenlight Hello, my fellow gamers!

Three years have passed since I released award-winning Night Strike Infiltrators. And few months ago I decided to create a sequel to it. I published this new game called NSI: Operation Zero by the way on Steam Greenlight today. Now I need your support, friends. If you enjoy my games, if you like things I do help me please. If you like NSI: Operation Zero feel free to vote for it. Or spread the word among your friends at least. Any help will be very appreciated. In honor of this event I updated the original Night Strike Infiltrators too.

That wasn't intended to be so. So here's the small update for Play Now! Minute of Rage - Pixel Day 3rd place and update v.

Minute of Rage has won 3rd place in Pixel Day ! I want to thank Tom Fulp and RealFaction for this amazing event. I'll definitely participate again next year. Also I've released update v. Few bugs were fixed and new control scheme was added. Minute of Rage v. It appeared that there was a possibility to equip locked items in the Minute of Rage.

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