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The allegedly "cursed" town's long history of strange disappearances and ghost and monster sightings form the basis for its thriving tourist industry; as such, the adults of hook up bars in paris town chief among them being Fred's father Mayor Fred Jones Sr. In addition to scooby doo come undone online dating traditional cases they always solve, the team finds itself being nudged into the uncovering of a dark secret that is hidden scooby doo come undone online dating the past of Crystal Cove. Following cryptic hints from a faceless mystery-man known only as "Mr. Standing in the way of solving this mystery, however, there are the romantic entanglements pulling the kids apart: Shaggy finds himself unable to put his new romance undobe Velma ahead of his longtime friendship with Scooby, while Daphne pines for a trap-obsessed Fred, who obliviously struggles to realize that he shares her feelings, too. Sccooby 2[ edit ] The return of the original Mystery Incorporated to Crystal Cove socoby a race between the two groups to locate the pieces of the enigmatic planispheric comee, which will point the way to the cursed treasure beneath the town.

The Phantom Velma's favorite band the Hex Girls are in town, so her and the gang go along to the concert. While there, a mysterious phantom tries to harm the girls, and Daphne must go undercover as new Hex Girl "Crush" to capture the phantom. Meanwhile, Scooby becomes jealous of Velma and makes friends with a puppet named Harry.

Monday, August 30, Villain: Gnome The gang attends the Royal Knights Faire, where a gnome is paralyzing everyone wearing pirate costumes. When Shaggy is captured, the gang must save him while dealing with their own relationship issues. Monday, September 6, Villain: Meanwhile, Velma forces Shaggy to choose between her and Scooby. Monday, October 4, Villain: Fright Hound Scooby is framed for wrecking Velma's mother's tour bus by a monstrous dog, and is arrested by Sheriff Stone.

While visiting Scooby at the animal asylum, they meet Professor Pericles, the mascot of the old Mystery Incorporated, who warns Fred to beware of those close to him. In addition, Shaggy also finally decides between Scooby and Velma. Monday, October 11, Villain: Vampire Torn apart from Velma and Shaggy's break-up and Fred and Daphne's fight, the gang tries to solve the mystery of a strange vampire stealing valuable items to make a serum.

What Daphne doesn't realize is that the vampire may indeed be someone very close to her The auctioneer is also a parody of David Dickinson, a famous antiques expert. Monday, October 18, Villain: Hatecraft, who is being plagued by a mythical beast from one of his books.

When Hatecraft is captured by the beast, the gang must find him and solve the mystery before it is too late.

Lovecraft and his books. Roberts is a parody of another famous author, Robert E. Howard, who is most famous for creating Conan the Barbarian. Monday, October 25, Villain: Cicada Creature A giant cicada creature made up of thousands of cicada bugs begin attacking workers of Destroido Corporation, the company that makes Shaggy and Scooby's favorite snacks, Nature's Slivers.

The gang tries to solve the mystery, but is threatened by the creature that something terrible will happen to them if they don't immediately cease the investigation.

Being the only ones left, the team mascots are forced to figure out the mystery and find their pals. Due to the last minute cancellation, iTunes and Amazon were never notified by Cartoon Network of the change, so the episode was posted February 1, the next day. The episode was promptly removed within a few days after the mistake was discovered.

Shadow Orc Daphne and Velma decide to go with an Orc biker gang, causing friction between the gang. When a powerful weapon is stolen from the Crystal Cove Armory, Odnarb and his biker friends are the first suspects. The gang tries to figure out who is really behind the mystery and clear Odnarb's name.

Aphrodite Aphrodite, the goddess of love, comes to Crystal Cove and puts everyone in a love trance, except Scooby. With the help of Professor Pericles, Scooby has to help get his friends out of the trance and stop Aphrodite. Danny Darrow The gang goes to the underground Darrow Manor, and find a piece of a mysterious disc. It turns out they are not alone in the house, when they find a mysterious old man who appears to be setting Saw-style traps for them. The gang later realizes that Mai-Lee's ring is what the wizard is after, so they attempt to protect her.

Nightfright Shaggy and Scooby win an essay content to have dinner with Vincent Van Ghoul, but their dream is quickly ruined when a demon named Nightfright begins stalking Vincent. Shaggy and Scooby reluctantly promise to help their favorite actor rid his house of the demon. Phobos is a parody of The Abominable Dr.

Phibes, a real life Vincent Price film. Fish Freaks Feeling like a fifth wheel, Velma goes off alone to investigate the mystery of some sea creatures, and finds a friend in a mermaid. Fred also doesn't know who Flim Flam is, claiming he was at trap camp, which is one possible explanation for his absence in The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.

Manticore After Mayor Jones buys a Persian temple online, he discovers it is haunted by a manticore and asks the gang for assistance, while he snoops around for the piece of the planispheric disk. Headless Horror Dr. Rick Spartan comes to Crystal Cove and teaches Fred's biology class. After Dr. Spartan invites them to his house for dinner, a headless creature comes in and tries to take back his head, which Dr.

Spartan found on one of his adventures. The gang must solve the mystery, otherwise Dr. Spartan will be forever cursed by the Headless Horror! Shadowy Figure The gang helps Fred's dad when he is haunted every night by a ghastly shadowy ghost. To stop the haunting, the gang hires a medium, and Fred vows to stop solving mysteries forever if he can't find out what's happening to his dad.

Meanwhile, Fred becomes very controlling of Daphne. Hatecraft for help. Meanwhile, H. Hatecraft tries to write a trendy teen novel to counter the "Dusk" series written by his rival Regina Wentworth, and Angel reveals to the gang what really happened on the night the original Mystery Incorporated disappeared 20 years ago. The gang is arrested by Sheriff Stone for breaking and entering, and Fred and Daphne reveal that they are engaged to their parents and the gang.

Mortified, the gang's parents refuse to let the gang see each other. While stuck in their room, Shaggy and Scooby meet up face to face with the ghoulish Freak again, causing them to have to escape out the window.

Frustrated with their parents, the gang runs away from home and vows to solve the mystery of the haunted treasure once and for all, but are stalked by the Freak of Crystal Cove at every turn. Crybaby Clown The new mayor, Janet Nettles, is approached by Velma, who asks them to bring the gang back together.

After rescuing Shaggy from military school, Scooby from the farm, and Fred from being a hobo, the gang reunites to find Daphne. To their dismay, Daphne decides she does not want to come back due to getting a new boyfriend, Baylor Hotner, who is star of the "Dusk" movies.

Meanwhile, the town is plagued by Crybaby Clown, a mischievous clown who wants to turn Crystal Cove into chaos. The episode was removed on April 2, E, Velma and Marcie Hot Dog Water are sent on a mission to find the third piece of the planispheric disk in an old house, haunted by the witch Baba Yaga. After they buy the house, it comes to Crystal Cove and springs chicken legs.

Without Daphne, the gang asks Marcie to replace Daphne. Meanwhile, Angel returns to Crystal Cove with a new look and attitude. Dreamweaver Shaggy, a closeted Crypts and Creatures player, must help the gang solve the mystery of the Dreamweaver, a creature that haunts people's dreams.

Hodag Daphne's sister is attacked by a hodag, so the gang investigates the mystery and tries to capture the beast.

Monday, August 6, Cartoon Network Villain: Junk The gang visits one of Randy Warsaw's - a parody of Andy Warhol - art exhibits, only for one of his masterpieces to come alive and begin eating people. Enlisted by Mayor Nettles, the gang becomes part of Randy's exhibit while Daphne solves the mystery on her own. Her eyes are also green, which is inconsistent with the fact that they were black when she lost her glasses in "Creeping Creatures.

The story starts with the gang going to Darrow University to check out the educational institution they will potentially go to after high school. Shaggy and Scooby are there to pretty much try the famous campus diner which they soon discover has switched, much to their dismay, to an all vegan menu. It turns out that Stone believes he has seen one of these aliens at the Crystal Cove Mall and chooses to ally himself with Mystery Incorporated in order to get to the bottom of things.

Reviewing security tapes at the mall, Stone spots a grey alien, a nordic alien, and a reptoid alien among the footage although everyone else is quick to dismiss his paranoia and extraordinary claims as pure nonsense. After all, who would believe anyone claiming to have seen an alien creature stealing a flat screen TV? After some teen-sleuthing, Velma discovers that all of the alien-related events that occurred during the episode were purely coincidence and all had a logical, real world explanation.

The two seasons of the show were all building to this final episode which stands out as both a really great episode of the series and also something very different for Scooby-Doo in general. Once defeated, all of the evil, everything the evil has touched has been removed from the universe and everything that has happened over the course of the 52 episodes of Mystery Incorporated have been reset.

During the course of their search for clues they get taken into custody by the military and transported to Area 53 which is two more secret than Area 51 under suspicion of being aliens themselves. While on the base they run into the alien several times discovering that it is there trying to reclaim its spacecraft and the controls for it. The creature catches them with the control device and starts chasing them to acquire it. The craft launches and Daphne tries to control it as they fly through a series of tunnels in the base.

The gang gets captured again, get involved in another chase, and finally manage to bring the alien down revealing it to be General Stall who was hoping that the general panic that would be caused by the existence of an alien being would be reason enough for Area 53 to get more funding it desperately needed.

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