Senior Dating Freshman Weirdo -

Senior Dating Freshman Weirdo

senior dating freshman weirdo

I'm curious freshjan know what dating ladder back chairs think of a high school romantic relationship between a senior and freshman. Let's say a School district has a cutoff date of Oct. You could have a 13 year old entering high school and getting involved with an already 18 year old senior. From senior dating freshman weirdo legal standpoint, that's statutory rape if there is sex. Yet these students are interacting regularly, could be traveling together for sporting events or clubs, etc, and could be socializing at parties

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I was so excited someone complimented my show, I had to call my mom after my show was done! Now I don't know if those feelings were a combination of happiness that someone was listening to my show or a foreshadowing feeling of a relationship that was to come, or a combination of both. I do know that it was unlike any feeling I ever had before. I didn't know who this guy was that started talking to me and at first I had no idea what he was talking about!

I think I was so distracted by the dinner crowd buzzing about that it took me by surprise. I think this was literally the first time we spoke to each other face to face. He did leave an impression though, enough for me to remember that casual exchange years later. He carried this genuine energy about him. Very kind and warm. Someone you could trust. A characteristic you didn't come by often, especially in older college guys. His energy left a good impression with me. Anthony was there.

We didn't talk to one another or recognize each other at least I didn't , and later on some years later, looking at old photos, there was Anthony in the background! It was just cool to see later on! If it wasn't for him not taking the right classes and having to do a second year, we'd never have dated, despite our little run ins the previous year. We both continued in radio practicum.

Both in the same positions, him Sports and I Operations. This particular year I decided to commute from Quincy because I couldn't arrange a decent roommate to live with and I had it with my freshmen year experience so I said screw it, I'm commuting! Well that resulted in me spending a lot of down and off time at WMLN. Not only was I a director and had to do office hours to maintain my position, but I had tons of extra time between classes or theatre rehearsals that I needed someplace to chill.

I then noticed with being there so much that this other guy started being there more often too. To work on papers or just popped in to use the newsroom computer to print, more frequently as the semester progressed. Yes, this guy was Anthony. We're both friendly people so we'd chat casually as we saw each other and it developed into a friendship. I learned that he had this roommate that he needed a break from sometimes and didn't want to pay for printing at the library!

That of course resulted in him seeking out the radio station. At the radio station, as I said, we became friends and then one day he told me his suite mates and him were having a mini party or get together and that I was more than welcome to come with some of my friends.

I accepted the invitation and the rest is history! It wasn't some big elaborate, fairytale date you hear about in the movies. It was casual and now looking back on it, comical. First off he asked me to go to dinner at one of my favorite places, Bertucci's. This was after we initially had been chatting, building up a friendship for a couple months. Dinner was great, we had a good, casual conversation.

It was easy going and enjoyable. I know we for sure had their famous rolls dipped into the oil and their house salad with their homemade Italian dressing. I believe we also got their pizza because it's so good there. It was not far away from our school, Curry College. We traveled there in his old gray Lincoln Aviator.

After dinner we headed back to Curry and to his suite, 3G. We decided to watch a movie in the common room. The movie? Top Gun. Yes, with Tom Cruise. Anthony's favorite, so he had this all planned out to be a perfect viewing. Little did he know that I was going to keep that same Pea Coat on during the entire time of us watching the movie. After all it was our first date. Without a doubt he was probably hoping for our first kiss to be with that cheesy song, "Take My Breath Away" in the background.

Not on my watch! I'm pretty sure he even said "why don't you take your jacket off", to which I replied, "I'm good. I'm just kidding! I don't know if he was planning to kiss me or not but I probably made it feel awkward with my jacket on and he was just trying to insure me I can make myself comfortable. He'd soon find out it would take a bit more time hanging out for me to feel fully comfortable.

I was definitely guarded on our first date for sure! How Anthony first asked me out The story is quite comical First off at this point in time we were hanging out for a couple months already. We knew we wanted to be together but we were on the cusp of winter break in college and we lived far away from each other well it seemed far, an hour away and we decided we wanted to wait until we came back from break to make it official.

Same style, same language, same life path, same behaviors and beliefs. I was making a statement — an announcement. It made no sense and I loved it. Never once had I ever imagined the entirety of my young adulthood would be streamlined to perfection. My thighs have never not touched. I can count on one hand the times I have partook in a clubby club. I have more nightmareish dating stories than the fake ones in Cosmo and could entertain a group of married couples for days.

But I love it. I surprise you? I confuse you?

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