Shes Dating A Gangster Full Story Download -

Shes Dating A Gangster Full Story Download

shes dating a gangster full story download

She's Dating The Gangster Theme. Enrique Gil confirms new movie with Liza. It's available to watch. Direct download via free dating. Filipino with English Downpoad. Movies shes dating the gangster tagalog version eng sub online free movie in good.

Shes dating the gangster part 2 download

She's Dating The Gangster. Meet Athena And Kenji that will rock your.. Has Athena gotten herself into more trouble than she can handle? With English Subtitles. She's Dating the Gangster.. Download subtitles aqos-shes.

Free shes dathing the gangter full movie Video Download Video. Comments for movies: Share on Facebook.. Shes Dating the Gangster. Tagalog movie review.

Shes Dating the Gangster tells the heart-wrenching tale of year-old. Stream in HD Download. Shes Dating the Gangster free movie with English Subtitles. Watch Shes Dating the. Shes Dating the Gangster full movie with fast.. He finds out about his messages for Abi and confronts Athena.

To her surprise, he kisses her forcefully and tells her that from then on, she will be his girlfriend as she owes Kenji for causing him to get mugged. Athena has to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to get Abi jealous. At first, Athena refuses and Kenji bullies her. Athena eventually gives in when Kenji attempts to commit suicide by jumping from the school's rooftop if she does not accept.

The next day at school, Athena is treated like a princess with Kenji providing her bodyguards. Jealous, some girls at the school start bullying her. Kenji confronts them and says that no one hurts his girlfriend.

Their pretend relationship eventually becomes real and the two confess their love for each other. Kenji takes Athena Dizon to Legazpi to see the Mayon Volcano and promises that someday they will get married in that place with the volcano as their witness.

When they come back to Manila, however, Kenji begins to absent himself from class. Athena then gets an invite from young Lucas to go see Kenji who is in the hospital. Worried, Athena hurries and finds Abi lying in the hospital bed.

Abi has stage three gastric cancer and was the reason why she broke up with Kenji. Wanting Abi to be happy and live longer, Athena breaks up with him. Kenji and Abi get married and Abi gives birth to Kenneth. Back then 20 years later while searching for Kenji in Legazpi, Kenneth receives a call from present day Lucas and he helps in looking for Kenji.

Kelay and Kenneth part ways with Kenneth promising that Athena and Kenji would meet once he finds him. Kenneth finds the hospital where Kenji is confined and reads his letter to him. In the letter, Kenji tells him that he was on his way to Legazpi to say goodbye to his memories with Athena and apologizes for making Kenneth feel that way. When Kenji wakes up, the two hug and reconcile. Athena tells Kenji about her disease for the first time and tells him that his love kept her alive through those years.

She says she is happy for Kenji and dies in his arms. Kelay wakes up to a phone call telling her that a flight has gone missing again and Kenneth was on that flight.

When she goes to look for him she makes a scene again, telling the media her 'boyfriend' is missing. Kenneth witnesses Kelay and it's revealed that it was actually Kenji who called her.

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