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Sir Bruce Keogh Review Report Dating

sir bruce keogh review report dating

This was published under the to Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government Delivered on: Let me start by saying that in its 65th year this government is deeply proud of our NHS. We salute the doctors, nurses and other professionals who have never worked sir bruce keogh review report dating to look after each and every one of us at our most vulnerable. And we recognise dylan minnette dating the problems identified today are not typical of the whole NHS, nor of the care given by many wonderful NHS staff. But those staff are the ones who are most betrayed when we ignore or pass over poor care. The last government left the NHS with a system kdogh covered up weak hospital leadership and failed to prioritise compassionate care.

NHS England » Sir Bruce Keogh proposes new blueprint for urgent and emergency care across England

Sir Bruce says the CQC is likely to assess availability of weekend services as part of its assessment of hospital safety. Agree with Health Education England that education contracts should include consultant availability to provide adequate supervision of doctors in training, seven days a week in line with the clinical standards.

This means that junior doctors in training must be properly supported by consultants. He argues this is important not just to improve quality of care but also to improve the training of the next generation of NHS doctors. Ask NHS Improving Quality to help all local commissioners and providers of services by introducing a transformational change programme.

Sir Bruce says that the increasing number of doctors being trained gives the NHS huge opportunities to work differently. Currently some doctors take up entry level posts each year and projections suggest a 60 per cent rise in the number of consultants by if training and recruitment continues at the same rate. Sir Bruce says his own research shows that the issues are not unique to the NHS.

He argues that as the biggest integrated healthcare system in the world, the NHS is better placed than others to resolve the issues. He says: However, while some have improved, failure or mediocrity is so deeply entrenched at others that they have continued to decline, making the additional measures I announce today necessary.

This time, the process was thorough, expert-led and consisted of both planned, unannounced and out-of-hours visits, placing particular weight on the views of staff and patients. Where failures were found that presented an immediate risk to patients, they were confronted straight away rather than waiting until the report was finished.

I shall also today set out the actions the government is taking to deal with the issues raised. I would also like to record my sincere thanks to Sir Bruce and his team for doing an extremely difficult job very thoroughly and rapidly.

Overall findings Sir Bruce judged that none of the 14 hospitals are providing consistently high quality care to patients, with some very concerning examples of poor practice. He identified patterns across many of them, including professional and geographic isolation; failure to act on data or information that showed cause for concern; the absence of a culture of openness; a lack of willingness to learn from mistakes; a lack of ambition; and ineffectual governance and assurance processes.

In some cases, Trust boards were shockingly unaware of problems discovered by the review teams in their own hospitals. So today I can announce that 11 of the 14 hospitals will be placed into special measures for fundamental breaches of care.

In addition, the NHS Trust Development Agency and Monitor have today placed all 14 trusts on notice to fulfill all the recommendations made by the review. All will be inspected again within the next 12 months by the new Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Sir Mike Richards, who starts work today.

Those hospitals in special measures are as follows: North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, where the panel found evidence of poor maintenance in two operating theatres, which were closed immediately. Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where the panel found evidence of staff working for 12 days in a row without a break.

The panel also witnessed a patient who was inappropriately exposed where there were both male and female patients present. Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where patients told of being unaware of who was caring for them, of buzzers going unanswered and poor attention being paid to oral hygiene.

East Lancashire NHS Trust, where the panel highlighted issues of poor governance, inadequate staffing levels and high mortality rates at weekends. Patients and their families complained of a lack of compassion and being talked down to by medical staff whenever they expressed concerns.

Sir Bruce Keogh proposes new blueprint for urgent and emergency care across England 13 November Urgent and emergency care The National Medical Director of NHS England today proposes a fundamental shift in provision of urgent care, with more extensive services outside hospital and patients with more serious or life threatening conditions receiving treatment in centres with the best clinical teams, expertise and equipment.

Sir Bruce Keogh is publishing a report on the first stage of his review of urgent and emergency care in England. You can read more about the review as it progresses on NHS Choices. Developed after an extensive engagement exercise, it proposes a new blueprint for local services across the country that aims to make care more responsive and personal for patients, as well as deliver even better clinical outcomes and enhanced safety.

Firstly, for those people with urgent but non-life threatening needs we must provide highly responsive, effective and personalised services outside of hospital. Secondly, for those people with more serious or life threatening emergency needs we should ensure they are treated in centres with the very best expertise and facilities in order to maximise their chances of survival and a good recovery.

Sir Bruce says: This is simply not the case.

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