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Site De Rencontre Maroc Rabat

site de rencontre maroc rabat

Strategically located on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the River Bouregrag, the history of Renckntre speaks of an ancient and fertile past that links the country to both the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians. When the Romans settled in the area to build their farthest colony south of Rome, site de rencontre maroc rabat left artifacts and ruins that can still be visited. Eventually, Arab rulers took over the city and built a fortified kasbah that they called a Ribat, which is where modern-day Rabat derived its name from. Around the twelfth century, the Almohad Dynasty took over and rebuilt the kasbah to use it as their war base while taking over the south of Spain. Rabat were kim and shengo really dating apps many impressive monuments and sites to visit, the popular dating sites canada beautiful of which are the Chellah Gardens that are open daily to the public. Unlike Menara Gardens in Marrakesh, which were never inhabited, the Chellah was left completely ve by the s because more people were moving to the more popular city of Sale, which is separated from Rabat site de rencontre maroc rabat the Bou Regreg River. Much like the Roman ruins of the Chellah Gardens, the ruins of Volubilis are also open to the public and many travelers are surprised at how freely tourists can roam around the area.

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