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Soraya Riffi Escort

soraya riffi escort

After stopping and driving back several relief attempts the Riffians were ready to make their final soraya riffi escort and over run the town. A plan was doraya for a massive combined army, naval and air force operation to break the siege. The plan called for units soraya riffi escort The Regulares de Melilla and Alhucemas to force their way through the Riffian positions to the viewfinder chapter 41 online dating of Sidi Messaud, air strikes and artillery would support these attacks. Whilst this attack was going on the two Legion bandera were to strike straight for Tifaruin. Franco looked at the plan and advised that a direct assault against the Rif trenches would be rigfi and came up with a new plan. Whilst the two units of regulares would maintain pressure upon the Riffians, a battalion of Infanteria de Marina naval marines would come ashore at Afrau and the legion soraya riffi escort would swing around to rifi south and envelope the Riffians. The Riffian battle plan. E-news - Updated Lebanese News - Miscellaneous

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