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Urey declined to be the co-author lest Miller would receive little or no credit. The manuscript with Miller as the sole author was submitted to Science on 10 February After weeks of silence, Urey inquired and wrote to the chair of the editorial board on 27 February on the lack of action in reviewing the manuscript. A month passed, but still there was no decision. On 10 March the infuriated Urey demanded the manuscript to be returned, and he himself submitted it to the Journal of the American Chemical Society on 13 March.

By then, the editor of Science, apparently annoyed by Urey's insinuation, wrote directly to Miller that the manuscript was to be published. Miller accepted it and withdrew the manuscript from the Journal of the American Chemical Society. As the knowledge on early atmosphere progressed, and techniques for chemical analyses advanced, he kept on refining the details and methods. He not only succeeded in synthesising more and more varieties of amino acids, he also produced a wide variety of inorganic and organic compounds essential for cellular construction and metabolism.

They synthesised 33 amino acids, including 10 that are known to naturally occur in organisms. These included all of the primary alpha-amino acids found in the Murchison meteorite , which fell on Australia in A water balloon simulates a primitive ocean the water is heated by a resistance, which contributes to enriching the atmosphere with water vapor.

Two electrodes, which are used to produce lightning, provide energy to the system. Amino acids are the basis of all links in the protein chains that exist on Earth. These results were confirmed later by other experiments but in the meantime, the concept of original soup of life, a great success.

Almost immediately the amount of critical conditions of the experiment. The primitive atmosphere rather prefer a non-reducing atmosphere, composed mainly of CO2, or the experience of Stanley Miller does not work in this type of atmosphere. Under reductive atmosphere carbon dioxide CO2, N2, H2O that comes from volcanic gives very poor yields. But Miller's experiment is an interesting step in the gradual evolution towards complexity.

He placed in front of the stage, organic chemistry in water and has a large number of experiments have exploited this vein. Today, many models are created to solve the problem of the appearance of organic molecules. Scientists are able to produce many small organic molecules amino acids, sugars, nucleic bases in pre-biotic conditions in laboratories.

Miller experiments and models derived provide no explanation of the steps that ultimately lead to living cells. Stanley Lloyd Miller died of a heart attack, May 20, without ever having received the Nobel Prize.

Stanley Lloyd Miller Nobel Prize in Chemistry in for the discovery of heavy hydrogen, deuterium. Noncommercial, educational use only. Life is no longer a privilege landowner Life is perhaps more privileged landowner. In , German Hermann Richter believes that we erred in seeking the origins of life on our planet. Life could come from the depths of space and Earth would easily have been seeded with particles of heavenly beings swarming the cosmozoaires.

Buried in the heart of meteorites, they could cross the Earth's atmosphere without damage. This theory is considered seriously by most scientists.

This theory, which states that life comes from the cosmos, is known as panspermia. As attractive as it is, panspermia does, however, that push the mystery of the origins of life, moving from Earth to space.

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