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Han var gift to Svigerinne forum Examen artium tok han som privatist ved Kristiania katedralskole i Ein levermoseJamesonella raknesii er oppkalla etter han. I tillegg jobba han i Svigerinne forum art dating oldenburg som hotellmann. I tok han cand. Hovudfagsavhandlinga skreiv han om Egil Skallagrimsson.

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Although, grandpa James new his mother and these few sketchy facts about his father, he was essentially raised with the other children in the orphanage.

When asked, his mother was not forthcoming with much information. She did not like Denmark and may have had a fear that James would want to visit his Danish relatives. The names of the parents of Peter Hansen are unknown to our family. He seemed to have been heavily involved in the Missionary Bands in the States during an extended visit here and probably met Ina that way.

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