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Swift Lxi Price In Bangalore Dating

swift lxi price in bangalore dating

Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Skoda Fabia: Comparison based on customer votes, reviews, specifications, price, sales in last month. Maruti Suzuki Swift: The Game changer car for Maruti, the Swift, was launched inbut this innovation dates back to when Maruti started work on various concept car. Since then Maruti has never look back, and set the benchmark for others like Fabia in the hatchback segment.

New Maruti Suzuki Swift Price in Bangalore: Get On Road Price of Maruti Suzuki New Swift

The boot space is just enough for the four passengers on a weekend trip. But if you are planning for anything more than that, then you might have to be a little stingy with the packing. The interior looks premium and is comfortable as well. Combine it with quality fit and finish, and you get a cabin which feels like a nice place to be in. What is it like to commute with? The Swift feels like it was designed to be a daily commuter in the first place.

Its dimensions are perfect for zipping around effortlessly in the traffic. The balanced steering also helps in the city commute. The AMT lag takes some time to get used to, though. It shifts at around rpm to a moderate throttle and if you input it correctly, the lag can be minimised.

However, like all AMTs, if you floor the pedal, the transmission feels slightly sluggish, but that rarely happens in everyday driving. The tried and tested 1. Is it fun to drive? The perfectly weighted steering has a good control and the suspension holds its composure right even in the corners.

There is an evident body roll, but not to an extent of making the car unnerving to handle. The 75bhp of power on tap has enough grunts all-through the rev range and the car picks up the pace in no time.

So the Swift diesel AMT fits the bill as an ideal car for everyday commutes. Is it good with features? We got the ZDi trim to drive around and it is the perfect package for its price.

But the latter cannot be had with an AMT transmission. Nonetheless, we were happy with the feature list in the ZDi. All these features are more than sufficient for a hatchback at this price point. Conclusion The Swift passes our rigorous five labour test with flying colours. The Swift is a family car, a multi-tasker that can be your daily driver, your weekend companion and at times it can double up as your fun car as well.

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